Your Photos

If you’ve got any photos of us and want to share – feel free.                                                   You would need to follow and register first though.                                                               Could end up with some interesting stuff and comments though…

They all need to go through me first though…

A couple of pictures from the 1980’s of Ray Gordon and I, playing horseshoes in NY at his place and then him winding me up at Sanibel Island Retreat we used to do every year when I was in the States. Great times! Thanks Sandy…

Some rare photos of my in College (1973-74?) with my College Radio Station buddies.                                   Note the pipe, guess what’s in it – my own mixture….                                            Thanks Sue for providing this wonderful flashback – you must’ve been taking the photos.



Carole, Helen, Martin & Roz & some guy I don’t recognise

Only once in my 39 year career did I sell out a Club 5 weeks before it opened. Viva – Redlands, Bristol, UK. This was the crew that did it – Thanks Helen Rogers for photo.

Renate, another really old guy I don’t recognise and Toma seeing the sea in Lithuania (for me the first time.)

Some old Cat between two canaries – the best Sales Makers in Lithuania. Unbelievable results from these two. Thanks Toma for photo.


2012-04-16 22.15.53
Ian, Sue, Russell, Dave, Sarah Norman Steph, Alan, ME, Julia Mel – recumbant Nicki – posing

A group photo of the staff from my first project in the UK = t.h.e. GYM / Just 4 Kids (Reunion in 2012) – still close after 20 years. You call that a TEAM! Thanks to Steph for photos.


Me & my Amazons (Lithuania) during a Tequila Ceremony – anyone who talks about work has to drink a shot of Tequila – creates an interesting atmosphere.                    Thanks Irma for the photo.

Me and my Tribe of Lithuanian Amazons – Irma, Ieva, Renate, Toma and another Ieva (pronounced ye-va = ieva…) during our monthly Tequila Ceremony.



Andrea Pambianchi, me and Gez Oliver in Kuwait for the first Virtual RoadShow.

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