Bald as…

an egg, a coot, a bald eagle... Well, I never thought that I would be a candidate for Telly Savalas look-a-like (Who loves ya baby?) I guess I need to buy some lollipops... Last week the Chemo Hair got the razor (actually an electric shaver). I just didn't care for that look. So, I'm wearing... Continue Reading →

A quickie

Just learned (from results of Scan on last Friday) that after 2 Chemo treatments the Alien Trump has experienced a 60% reduction (in popularity). I'm now going through Chemo No 3 (of 6 scheduled). The final treatment and prognosis will be conducted the first week in November.           My desire is... Continue Reading →

More Chemo

Just spent a couple days working with my GoGo girls from Finland (the name of the Club is Go Go Liikuntakesus based in Tampere, Finland.) We've been working together for twenty years last month. Very proud of what we've accomplished there and planning two more sites this year that should rock Finland. We've been focussing... Continue Reading →

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