Remission continues…

Well, the train keeps a rollin… Just left another appointment at the Hospital with the Doctors to review my health. The Result: everything looks good – NO CANCER! You might believe how relieved I am with this news.

The unbelieveable statement in November was awesome (understatement) and this continuation continues to amaze me. On the way to the Hospital I was understandably nervous – was the previous result simply a hickup and I’d be back in Hospital before too long – I just didn’t know and couldn’t continue to hope for this result.

So, now what?

Back to the Hospital in three months for another review. Until then – off to Spain for a couple months to finish that bloody book – X-Selling @ Membership Sales and figure out what I want to do for the rest of my life (or at least the next couple years.) My work life is basically down to nothing and to attempt to relaunch is not only not attractive (the travel can kill ya), but; the Industry has changed and is continuing to change daily. Do I really want to go through this?

The outgoings however are killing me…in the last few months…Oven self-destructed with door shattering, dishwasher not washing, Commercial Washer (for cottage business) not washing either, Commercial Dryer not drying, Audi transmission decided to only go forward (no reverse gear), small washing machine (for guests) not spinning any more and it looks like a Root Canal is in my future….

Oh well, at least I’m alive to bitch about all this. I mean; I just heard an old friend Gerry Faust has passed away – yet, I’m still here (for some inexplicable reason.) The only thing I can think of is that I’m not done yet in this plane of existance…

So, I’m looking for my next career if anybody has any ideas…

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