The Next Chapter

On the 5th of July 2018 I got some news that rocked my world: “You’ve got Cancer and without treatment you’ve got three months to live.”

Almost exactly fourteen months later some more news rocked my world: “We’re very, very pleased with the results of your scan – we don’t see any signs of Cancer in your body; your glands are normal, this is normal, that is normal, your bloodwork is almost perfect.” “OK, so, let’s clarify – can I tell people that I am in Remission = YES.” “You actually can tell them that you are CANCER FREE!”

First, I’ve never been told so many times that I’m normal. Second, this is the best news I’ve ever had in my life. Third, NOW what do I do? – I was semi-retired, then forcibly retired – now, I’m bloody back to being fat, happy and healthy. I’m no longer just fat. I had come to grips with not living very long. Now what?

I have maintained a tenuous working relationship with long time clients with one visit in a year and tele-marketing support. Now, I can travel, work, whatever. SO, what to do….

I’m still getting used to waking up and thinking: what do I want do today and what about next week, next month, next year. On the day I was told – I immediately consumed three triple Bloody Mary’s with a healthy dose of my Medical Mari. Friends came the next night with Champagne (consumed with a bit more wine and Medicine.) An old old friend (from high school in New Jersey) was stranded at Heathrow – a few hours later we enjoyed a great steak and ended up closing the bar at his hotel at 2.30am. Later that day – an afternoon pint on the Thames in Windsor capped a great weekend.

I’ve spent the last couple days dealing with broken cars, dishwashers, ovens, microwaves, washing machines – ridiculous.

So, what is the next Chaper for Uncle Douga; King of the Amazons and generally a Sales Maker. I started in the Industry on September 19th, 1980. I now plan on retiring on the 19th of September 2020 – 40 years is enough! (and I never thought I would get to live that long.) Now I can finish what I started… I’ve got a few different irons in the fire that I’ll reveal next month (AND NOW FOR SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT!)

But, I can tell you this: I will be in Dublin at the IHRSA European Congress from the 14th to 17th of October (email me if you’d like a discount to join us.) Brexit will determine when I go to Spain – but I am looking forward to spending a few months continuing my Rejuvenation and getting stronger (still a few after affects from all the treatments from the last year – although I’m now drug-free.) IF I get work – I’ll fly from either Malaga or Seville.

So; yes, Sales Makers International is open for business for the next year.

I will possibly be at the National Fitness Awards in Leicester on the 29th of November (Brexit notwithstanding.)

NEXT YEAR = There will be a Virtual RoadShow when I get back from Spain and done with IHRSA San Diego in March and FIBO in Cologne in April. The LAST Virtual RoadShow will be in September 2020. I will be at Elevate in June 2020 and maybe Body Power in the UK. So, that’s all my so called plans for the rest of my working life. If you’d like to experience what Sales Makers can do to increase your membership revenue – contact me immediately so I can schedule my time – I am limiting myself to 12 days a month; maximum.

On the home front if anybody wants to hook up – we do have three self-catering cottages = Give me a call! +44 (0)1449 740 315 OR if Spain is in your future – I’ll be near Ronda (between Malaga and Seville) Give me a call! +44 (0)7855 744 222

What does it feel like to be in Remission – you won’t believe. It’s like you’re born again (good title for the Jason Bourne series), but you know stuff – you’re not starting from scratch. I’ve been travelling all my adult life (over 1,000 flights and I don’t have a clue how many land miles…)

I don’t want to start over with new clients. I’d love to see clients that I have worked with…to thank them personally…

I’ve got a ton of experience and a pretty extensive global network that could probably benefit a company that wants to expand.

A few friends have already contacted me and I’ve reached out to one company that I know could use my services. But; the one that keeps me thinking is one friend out of the Industry (although we met when he owned a Club) that is now producing sporting events. In one of my previous lives I worked in the music Industry and promoted 33 events (and loved it.) I left that becouse of the back injury that sent me to the Fitness Industry (only thought it would be six months – instead of forty years.) So, to get back into something I loved seems to be a future I would like… I’m not going to rush into anything and I would also love to travel (for pleasure not business – although if I can figure out a way to do both) would be great.

Until then; a few potential business meetings – a few concerts with friends – enjoying the Mill House with Mel, Ying the Peacock and Pushti the pussycat.

So, how did I end up not only in Remission but Cancer free. Frankly, I don’t have a clue. However; I have been trying out a few devices to encourage increased blood flow to help with the healing process. One is called MedMassager to help with my feet (an occilating foot massager) and something called a Bemer (recommended by a friend who discovered this as a tool to help her mother and experienced remarkable results). I’ve be using these for the last three months. I will definitely give the Bemer credit for eliminating back pain that I’ve experienced for the last thirty years and I don’t yet see any benefit in my feet. However; one thing the Dr said in the consultation – “Your bloodwork is almost perfect!” That’s exactly what the Bemer is stimulating – my blood. I’m going to continue and although I don’t think I can get a better result (although living forever would be better), maybe this device can be something that could be implemented in a Club – to help members, patients with recovery from illness or injury… Stay tuned!

Until then; the impossible has happened – he’s baaaack!

4 thoughts on “The Next Chapter

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  1. Doug, I can’t tell you how much pleasure I got from reading this! The Doug I know is back in action (not that you ever really weren’t!). Looking forward to seeing you in Dublin, and in the meantime, have fun, keep enjoying yourself, and don’t take too much of that Medical Mari!! 😀


    1. It’s just incredible man. I am so so happy 🥰

      Surviving the badest of the bad rollercoasters and coming out on top……..

      I hope to see you soon. (Very‼️)
      Any good concerts coming up ??


  2. This is the best news I could receive, dear Doug! It’s difficult to explain with words how happy it makes me feel. I look forward to seeinbg you in Dublin in a few weeks! I’ll pack a big Italian hug in my suitcase. Cheers!


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