The Years Come and They Go…

This time last year I was just out of Hospital from my first bout of Chemo. A walk in the park; if you count lying in a hospital bed being poked, prodded, stuck, injected and poisoned. Then, there’s the constipation, dehydration, hospital food and generally trying to remain upbeat while your life flashes in front of you. (Promise: no more disgusting imagery!)

I was supposed to be with some friends on a boat going from Rome to Barcelona with a group of Italian Club owners/operators for a long weekend. Fun, huh? Well, not for me. So, one of the things keeping me going was to visualise the future and being able to participate this year. Well, the year has passed me by and I achieved that goal. It’s certainly not been an easy year – one that I would willingly like to forget. But, the downside could’ve been that I wouldn’t be here to write this. (At least for me.)

I got into Rome the night before the cruise. My friend Andrea Pambianchi collected me at the airport and took me to my hotel around the corner from one of his Clubs and we dined in a very local restaurant on some great pasta, beer and company. The next day I was on my own in Rome. A quick trip to the bus stop (on the Tiber River near the Vatican) while passing countless reminders of the past and present glory of Rome. IMG_0002 Back to the hotel and collected again by Andrea on our way to the port – a side stop was to collect Casey Conrad and Fred Hoffman from the airport. Arriving in Citivecchia (the port) we found a local bistro for dinner where we > the token Americans; sat and actually had a bit of a catchup. (Normally, when we’re at conventions being pulled left and right to try to speak to everyone – the conversation is normally ridiculously short – this was quite pleasant, because we could actually converse.)

The boat was a Grimaldi Ferry boat (not a cruise liner, but pretty big66794373_10157092673694342_3254399610415742976_n that holds over 2,500 passengers. Check in was smooth and I was in my room withing minutes and asleep within only a few more…

Next morning; breakfast and setup for my presentation. Again, relatively smooth and then it was over (except I didn’t actrually finish). The other Presenters sessions went smoothly and our translator was brilliant. The group was truly exceptional and I had a great time. Not so much Melanie.

While we were still in Barcelona we had internet (none at sea) and I got a message from Mel that she missed her flight, but had booked another. She now arrived when we were scheduled to drop Casey Conrad at the Airport – so, collect Mel. Almost perfect timing…

Off to the hotel – whoops, it’s in a no drive zone. Gotta be dropped off and schlep the bags to the hotel. Fortunately, not too far. A late dinner and slumber awaits. 66830156_10157101713959342_3879165829832507392_nNow off to collect the rental car for the next couple days – in Mels’ name….whoops, she left her Driver’s license in the UK. The contract is void – book a new one. After some internet intervention (the UK can provide your license details – online.) A €100 fine and alls good. Off to Sorrento>

Finally, no drama. A wonderful welcome – fantastic suite and it’s over.

I now sit in the UK under the sweltering heat wave. Called the Doctor yesterday – she’s nowhere to be found, literally…  The 1st of August appointment is in limbo. No idea when I’ll be rescanned, blood tested and able to find out the status of my Cancer.

This is why this Blog is called: Shit Happens!

10 thoughts on “The Years Come and They Go…

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  1. Hey Doug! Great post, fun photos of us, and beautiful photos of your trip! So glad that everything worked out (can’t believe the car rental saga!). Stay as cool as you can….it’s hot as hell in Paris today also… and I’ll look forward to seeing you again soon. Best, Fred


  2. So glad your trip ended well with you and Mel having som great days together. Great pics ❤️

    …… but what’s up with the missing doctor thing????
    … sounds like you are pretty much left in the twilight zone😖😖😖

    Fuck that. Any news?


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