Living one day @ a time…

Today is the one year Anniversary of the rest of my life. So; I guess I’m one year young.

It was noon a year ago that I thought I was fat, happy and healthy. Ten minutes later I found out I was just fat. The Prognosis; 3 months to live – unless I subjected myself to four months of Chemo (and then another 15 days of RadioTherapy – which I didn’t know about…) But; you’ve heard all this before.

An Italian friend of mine (Andrea Pambianchi of Fitness Network Italia) was launching an Educational Cruise from Rome to Barcelona the day I was admitted into hospital to begin the treatments. I was supposed to be on that Cruise. In a week – I will be... I’m one of the Presenters on the One Convention Cruise (along with Adrian Marks, Casey Conrad and Fred Hoffman – with Special Guest Rob Landers…) In perspective: I’m not supposed to be there or anywhere (on this plain of existance.)

To get through all of those hours lying in a Hospital bed being poisoned – one of the things I needed to do was to think about what I was going to do if I lived. One of those things was to go on the Cruise. Another was to see my son; Ian, graduate as a PhD recipient (he leaves on the 26th from Florida to move to Denver to begin his Doctorate in Music Education from the University of Colorado.) Obviously, this means I need to live another 2 1/2 years.

In April; the tests run were inconclusive. The Doctor literally said she didn’t know whether the Cancer was in remission or still lurking somewhere in my gut. But, she did say: “Enjoy life!” Now, I’ve never been the most active man. I would travel quite a bit (if you call being active – travelling a thousand miles to go to work, then I was…). I enjoy a cocktail or two, I like good food, good company and laughing a bit (often at myself) and making a difference (normally for my clients.) So, when I got this prescription I realised that my life has to change. But first; I decided to take it a bit easy. It’s been a tough year! So, I’ve enjoyed just staying at home – I actually live in a pretty cool place in the UK ( I got my 68 Chevy out of storage and it’s on the grounds. Unfortunately, most of the time the weather has been crap. But; I’m alive! Every day I wake up is another day I didn’t think I’d have to live.

I actually worked a little bit with a Spanish Company at FIBO (AprilCologne, Germany) and Elevate (May – London, England.) Also in May I went to visit an old Client in Tampere, Finland (didn’t think I’d see that city again.) In June I travelled and worked in Sofia, Bulgaria with another client and gave a short presentation at an Indoor Climbing Conference. Now, July will see me in Italy and Spain and August will see me return to Finland. BUT; I’m not the Doug I used to be. I don’t think I’m going to be able to continue – even though I love what I do. When somebody asks me what I do: my normal response is: “I teach people how to make more money.”

Part of the problem is getting to work. I live in the heart of Suffolk. It’s a 2 1/2 hour drive to Heathrow – waiting two hours for the flight – two hours for first flight – wait for second flight –  an hour for the second – getting to hotel or Client = a full day; before work… when done = repeat! Eight hour day – I don’t think so… Good old days = 14 – 16 hours…today = maybe, ten – with breaks!

Another minor problem is my feet. I still have the side effects of the Chemo, lingering in my feet which feel like I’m walking on pins and needles – 24/7. This was supposed to leave after six months – NOT. I normally sit four or five times a day with a foot massager for 15 minutes a go… just to try to trick my brain (sometimes with a bit of medicinal assistance.) I am trying an electronic device to alleviate this issue – but, it’s early days to report any real progress. More in a future post…

So, what is my future? In a word – unknown

I’m living three months at a time…from diagnosis to diagnosis – one day at a time!   I still want to work on my book, begin the podcasting, maybe introduce Sales Makers Symposiums – but; definitely re-invent myself in some way.  Any ideas???  Let me know.   I can tell you this – when you’ve had the ride I’ve recently experienced – you appreciate every day, every conversation you can have with long lost friends and loved ones, every sunset and hope to see the sun rise.

If I had to start now doing what I’ve done – it wouldn’t work…too many things have changed.

I’ve had a good run. I’ve got no real regrets. But, to paraphrase Monty Python and the Holy Grail = I’m not quite dead! 

                   LIVE Today like there’s no tomorrow…Someday – there won’t be…


2 thoughts on “Living one day @ a time…

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  1. Dear Doug.
    I’m so pleased for you and your loved ones.
    Thank you so much for letting us know about your journey into the unknown and the twists and turns the setbacks and the good and encouraging news; the roller coaster you have ridden with such openness.
    The bravery, humour and grit you have shown – and show – are an inspiration and valuable lesson to us all.
    Have a wonderful cruise!
    All the best.


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