On the road – Again…

I haven’t worked in eleven months; travelling to a project. Two of my clients came to me in the UK in the early days of my ChemoTherapy treatments. I also conducted some telemarketing assistance – sometimes, literally while I was in my Hospital bed while the Chemo poisoned me. But towards the end of treatments – I just couldn’t… Yes, my brain was functioning fine – but my body – well, not so much. Obviously, I was tired, weak and well – not myself.

When I finished the Chemo I tried to jump back into life with a small Margarita party before the National Fitness Awards. Looking back – probably not my smartest move. I tried to put on a brave face, but again; I probably shouldn’t have done it.

One of the many tricks I tried on myself during this journey is simply to not accept the fact that I’m really sick and probably never going to be my former self. That’s not something I want to accept. So, I tend to say yes when I probably shouldn’t and rarely will say no.

The RadioTherapy sessions were a walk in the park compared to the Chemo. This took me up to the middle of January. By then, I was a bit stronger and I was able to continue with the tele-marketing – no problem!

Then we went to Spain for my Rejuvenation…where I met the folks from Evergy who wanted a bit of assistance spreading the word about their very successful company, based in Spain. This resulted in a last minute decision to attend FIBO – Europes’ largest Fitness Trade Show. I spent three days with them and although I was bit tired at the end of the day – I think the adrenelin kept me going (might’ve just been sheer will or won’t power.) A couple days later with my R & R in Amsterdam and back in the UK with my new electric bike – Rad Rover

Evergy had by then decided to also investigate the UK market and came over to London for the Elevate show. Another couple of days of mainly meetings and visiting the Trade Show. No major stress – followed by a great night with a good friend at Ronnie Scotts Jazz Club with the great David Sanborn on Sax. (Ian would’ve loved it.)

Then the moment I’d waited for – the meeting with the Doctor to analyse the tests and scan… The result – inconclusive…her advice. Enjoy life and I’ll see you again on the 1st of August.

I decided that I would try to work. My 21-year client in Finland was in a bit of a transition with a Sales Manager leaving and a new one beginning, a couple of new clubs that could use a boost and potential new sites and a long range plan to produce. So, a day of travelling (nothing direct to Tampere, Finland.) Three full days, including traveling all over Finland to view sites and we’re done. None of my normal late night dinners followed by closing the bar.

My Bulgarian client coincided with a presentation at the World Indoor Climbing Summit in Sofia. That’s in about two weeks. Should be interesting – a new Industry that is emerging…

One of the other tricks I used to get through all of this was to visualise the future. One of the events; in the future, was to participate in an educational cruise from Rome to Barcelona. I convinced (I wonder if that’s where con comes from….) a couple of friends, Adrian Marks, Casey Conrad and Fred Hoffman to join me. NOTE: YOU can join us for free if you’re inclined – the details are at http://www.oneconvention.eu  I’ll waive the registration for you and your staff – this should be a blast in two of my favorite cities in Europe.

I was supposed to have gone on the last one – but that was the day I was admitted to hospital, the year before. So, this will be an emotional cruise for me – I’m not supposed to be there (or anywhere.)

In my last life I could easily be working/traveling eighteen to twenty-four days a month and more. Those days are gone. I will not travel or work for more than six to eight days from now on…Unless, you’ve got a project in Philadelphia, Denver, Tahiti, Egypt or China (family and Bucket list destinations.)

My life is different now – I guess I’ll get used to it…My Industry is different now – I couldn’t think of beginning now. I don’t know how long I’ve got left – none of us do…

Right now I’m back to being semi-retired (emphasis on the tired).

I’ve got a lot of knowledge, I’ve got a lot of contacts and I’ve got a very vivid imagination, with a bit of creative thrown in…  I’m sure that has got to be useful to someone or some organization. If not, I’ll finish my book, try to regain more strength and try to make a difference.

I know this stupid cancer is going to get me – but I’m a stubborn bastard! I won’t go without a fight.

I’m back in Finland in August – but now there will be longer gaps between my visits, supported by video-telemarketing. After that, nothing is booked or planned until the next visit to the Doctor. I hope to spend some time in Spain over the winter and I’d love to be able to do some travelling (my Winnebago or get something in the States for some North American travelling.) One friend wants us to visit New Zealand and another in China and I’m planning on doing both – but it’s got to be between the Doctors prognosis. So, I guess I’m living four months at a time. Not my ideal; but, it’s so much better than the alternative – not living at all!

AAANYWAYYY, I’ve spent most of the last forty years as a travelling Sales Maker... hopefully I can last another forty months (so I can see my son graduate as a 
Doctor [PhD]).

SOOOO, if you can use some help – let me know.

I hope to see you again, somewhere down the road (cue either Willie Nelson – On the Road Again – followed by the Grateful Dead – Truckin)

Love ya’ll – be well!

Took JoMi; my 1968 Chevy Impala out for a spin today – wanna do more of that and   IMG_0340 also, 2019_RadRhino_-_White_-_Right_3398cfc3-5a7d-45b5-a0b5-3cbf615467ccget a bit more Rad!

5 thoughts on “On the road – Again…

Add yours

  1. Terrific Doug. You have a semi-retired schedule that puts guys half your age to shame!
    The Chevy looks great.


  2. Maybe stupid to say, but : Doug, you’re the man 😎Great talking to you on the phone some days ago.

    I am really hoping you can finde some days before July 27th, that I can come over and enjoy taking the Impala for a spin. You’re of cource free to take your bike 😎😎👍

    Love u man


      1. Most definitly –
        On our way to Denmark where we stay for a week.
        Staying overnight at my sisters summerhouse in Tønsberg. Coming back here in a week to spend the next two weeks here.

        Give you a call when I am situated with a shot or two of Gammel Dansk (your favourite) and som Elephantbeers.


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