The results are NOT in

Just when I thought I had it figured out – the goalposts move; again.

First things first. The Dr. said that they were ‘pleased‘ with the progress from the RadioTherapy treatments. BUT, they are not able to definitively state how much the tumour actually shrunk or was eliminated. Instead, there seems to be fragments ‘glowing‘ in my gut (where the tumour was, is, might be?) Basically, they inject a radioactive isotope into my blood, wait an hour and then scan my entire body. Wherever there is Cancer – somehow glows. This time there was no substance.

I really don’t know what that means. I know that the Cancer I have is blood-based. Is the Cancer now ‘all-over’ my intestines?

The Dr didn’t have the answers to my questions. Her response was: “Your type of Cancer is rare and agressive and there hasn’t been any recorded information for at least the last five years.” OK… So, that means; “I’m the guinea pig?” All the treatments that I’ve had; are guesses?

So, how long do I have, now? She won’t even guess… Her response was: “I want to see you again in three months and we’ll order another scan” (CT – supposedly more accurate in this instance) in four months.”

Her last words of advice: “Enjoy life.”

The Bottom Line: I’m off all medications. I’m not scheduled for any tests (other than a blood test the week before my next appointment – the 1st of August). And; obviously, no Hospitalisation…

MY TAKE ON ALL THIS: Ten months ago I was given three months to live. Now, I’m told to go away for four months and enjoy life. You don’t need to tell me twice.

In the past ten months I’ve had no work, no travel, no income (two of my old clients did come to I have been also doing some tele-marketing consulting for one of my clients.

When I went to Spain I met a company that is looking to expand outside of their country and needed someone to assist with introductions into certain new markets – right up my street. They’ve contracted my services for the rest of this year to accomplish this. That’s why I went to FIBO in April – to invite some colleagues to visit their stand and to introduce them to companies that they were’nt familiar with. I got back from Spain and immediately flew to Cologne for the show. That was the first time I’ve been alone in ten months. I used to be on my own a minimum of eighteen days a months; travelling, working, attending conferences…. That’s also why I took a couple days to go to Netherlands – for some R & R and to also check out an electric bike.

I will be attending a conference in London (Elevate) next week, with my newest client; to continue the meetings and also continue introducing them to potential new companies and distributors. The company: Thomas Wellness Group are already the distributors in Spain for; Assault Fitness, Merrithew Pilates, Fit Interiors, Sportec flooring and until last year Technogym. They have launched their own line of Functional equipment called Evergy – that they are looking for potential distribution partners – globally.

AND FOR the next four months; I will probably do one last visit to Finland (May) for my client of twenty-one years, another trip to Bulgaria (June) for a visit to another client and also to give a presentation to an emerging market – with Global implications. And I will be giving my last European LIVE Presentation on the One Convention Cruise (between Rome and Barcelona with Casey Conrad, Fred Hoffman and Adrian Marks) in July.

No, I’m not planning on getting back full time into Sales Makers International. These trips give me the ability for some closure that I didn’t have when I was diagnosed (seeing friends and colleagues that I’ve worked, partied with and enjoyed their company for years.) Also, Rome and Barcelona are two of my favorite cities in Europe – an expense paid holiday – yes please!

I did buy the electric bike (RadRover), so; outdoor cycling is in my future. My 1968 Chevrolet Impala convertible is sitting on the property waiting to attend some Classic Car shows this summer (really cleaned up nice.) I plan on visiting Ireland in the near future to see old friends, clients and a beautiful country (the Guiness always tastes better there.) Some time in the Stable Gym (we converted a stable into a gym) should help with getting stronger every day. AND get to work on the book. I’ve tidied up the Barn Office (yes, you figured it out) and it’s outfitted for some serious work (thus, the Nespresso) with Audio/Video equipment.

What’s after that… I honestly don’t know. It will probably depend on the results of the next scan. I’ve got nothing planned after August. I was going to give what I thought would be my last ever Presentation in October. I think I’m going to postpone… I don’t know what the future is going to hold – but, I’m hoping to have a few more good times, somewhere. Will it be in this Industry (Fitness)? Will I ever completely retire? How and when will my Cancer rear it’s ugly head? Questions I can’t answer and I don’t think I really want to know.

For now – I’m just going to enjoy living!

Hope to see you somewhere down the road. Thanks for reading. Love ya’ll!

6 thoughts on “The results are NOT in

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  1. Thank you for all your news Doug. You’ve got some nice trips planned so have a great time.
    Best as always. Jonathan.


  2. I know we’ll enjoy so much with you and learn from you for so long!!! You know that too.

    And, for the record, you were not by your own! I had your back the whole time, you know… 😝


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