Little ole lady from Pasadena

Well, my first “job” since July of last year (before Chemo +) was to assist a Spanish Company named Thomas Wellness Group (25 years, based in Madrid) promote their brand EVERGY to an International audience at FIBO, (largest Fitness Trade Show in Europe.) This required me to reach out to my Network and invite them to stop by the stand (booth, for American friends) to say Hello/Goodbye to yours truly. We even offered a little taste of Spain on the Friday with my self-named Siesta Fiesta.  I got the chance to see a couple dozen of my colleagues, friends and associates over the course of three and a half days.

I arrived on the Wednesday and after checking in to my room went over to the Cologne Messe to register for an evening drinks/dinner sponsored by Europe Active (thanks to Nathalie Smeeman for making that happen.) Chatting with a few people there set the stage for the evening (where I went a bit early to ensure that I could get a seat and table). This allowed me to not over-exert myself before the big event. You’ve got to realise that it was less than two months from my last Radiation Treatment and only 12 hours from me getting back from Spain (where we had a few hickups – more of that soon.) All in all, a good start. Again, seeing a couple dozen friends in a casual environment – good for the soul; when you didn’t think you’d ever see them again. I kept it a bit early for me to call it a night (normally, closing the bar) at 10.30pm.

The next couple days were spent networking at the stand, mainly sitting – but, walking the show for a few hours at the end of the day. Basically, more walking than I’d done daily in more than 10 months. (FYI, the FIBO show is ENORMOUS – 9 huge halls and seemingly ‘miles’ of corridors.) A bit of socialising at the various parties on the trade show floor on the Thursday ended with me again; calling it an early night, (with a take-away Pizza) from a local near my room.

The second day, more of the same… however; dinner with clients and friends at a Mexican near my room. A bit later; but, still early by my standards – I called it a night.


Saturday started early with meeting, meeting, meeting, meeting….you catch my drift. Walking all over hell and gone with pre-arranged meetings with Tomas and Celina from Thomas Wellness Group.  I’ll admit – it took a lot out of me. I was tired, hurting (mainly back) and emotionally drained.

I took the 5.30 train to Utrecht (Netherlands) for a two-day break.  Ironically, spending the next couple hours on the train with some nice red wine and meeting a new Dutch friend who had also attended the show. (Thanks, Camile for a great train ride.)  The hotel I booked was a bit further from the train station than I thought – thus, mooore bloody walking; dragging a suitcase. Restaurant and bar closed for renovation (that wasn’t in the hotel description), so; a light bite and a beer. Nighty night – VERY early…slept through until 10 the next morning.

A late breakfast close to the hotel, a cab ride, a short walk and a relaxing afternoon, enjoying myself (totally alone for the first time in a long time) on a Canal boat coffee shop. A decent late lunch and back to the room – again, a loooong restful evening and sleep.

A taxi ride into the heart of the city and another fulfilling breakfast by a canal on a beautiful day. And another taxi ride to the Rad Rhino showroom – the only one in Europe – where I bought a bike. An electric bike.2019_RadRhino_-_White_-_Right_3398cfc3-5a7d-45b5-a0b5-3cbf615467cc

One thing I’m kind’ve looking forward to in the next few months is regaining my strength and taking it to a new level. My routine in my home gym is recumbant cycling, a bit of free weights and trying to get ready for my Octane Fitness cross-trainer. The weather here for the next few months is magnificent (Suffolk). My view from the conservatory this morning while eating my Easter french toast…>IMG_0345

My thought is: why not take the  cycling outdoors; but, what if I get too tired and can’t make it back (I know, turn on the electic motor and cruise…) The bike arrives tomorrow – excited is an understatement.

So; you’re now current – what’s in the immediate future:

  • Tuesday 23rd               Pet Scan at Addenbrookes Hospital, Cambridge to determine my  treatment results
  • Tuesday 30th                My Doctor will reveal the results. So far; 80% of the tumor erradicated by Chemo – the Radiation goal; Remission (I will accept no other result!)
  • May 7, 8 & 9                   Elevate; (a UK Trade Show) with the good folks from Thomas Wellness Group (if you’d like to hook up, let me know.)
  • May 9th evening           Ronnie Scott’s Jazz Club – an evening of acoustic David Sanbourn (hopefully with a couple of old friends at the late show; probably staying the night and enjoying China Town and Soho.)
  • Middle of May                A GOGO trip to Tampere, Finland to work with a client that has been somewhat listening to me for over 20 years.
  • Middle of June                Another trip to Sofia, Bulgaria to work with a client that never listens to me, but still brings me back…
  • Middle of July                 My LAST ever LIVE presentation in EUrope on the One Convention Cruise from Barcelona to Rome to Barcelona to Rome.

The results from the Pet Scan scare me…I will admit! I’ve kinda gone through quite a few emotional and physical ups and downs the last year. There are a few ways this thing can evolve.

  1. 100% Erradication                  also called Remission. THE GOAL!
  2. Good News – Bad News          100% of the old tumour – but, we found another…
  3. Bad News                                   We didn’t get it all…now, for EXTREME Chemo….

I only want Door No. 1 – this is what I’m mentally poised for and and trying to exert my willpower, with all of my being. Door No. 2I can’t possibly fathom and don’t know how I’ll react. Door No. 3 – I’ve decided that I will not subject this tired old body to another year of this BS, just to extend my life a few months. I will live whatever time I’ve got left and leave this world on my terms – not hooked up to some machines with wires or tubes going into me. 

I guess there might be a fourth Door that I can’t imagine, but; like I said – the only option is Door No 1. Regardless, I will not be admitting myself into hospital until after the July Cruise, if I need to…

As for right now: WELL, it’s Easter Day – a day of Renewal, Rejuvenation and if you’re a believer: of Resurrection. Last year I didn’t think I’d live to see this day – let alone in moderately good health. I count my blessings with that. A couple days ago I took my classic 1968 Chevrolet Impala convertible out of storage and got her detailed so I can enjoy the Summer (yes, I did listen to Boys of Summer while she got renewed.) I call her JoMi, (which was my mothers handle on email and social media) since she is mine due to an inheritance. I bought her in January last year in California and got it shipped over to the UK, when it arrived one week before I went into hospital. When I got out she went into storage in Mildenhall, since I knew I was going to Spain. She’s a one-owner CA car and (I kid you not) owned by a little old lady from Pasadena. (She was 18 when she bought her…50 years ago…)

I think I’m gonna finally get dressed and go Cruisin

I’ll update on the 1st of Maykeep everything crossed



2 thoughts on “Little ole lady from Pasadena

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  1. Wonderful to read all your fascinating news Doug. You haven’t slowed down a bit and now JoMi !!
    Everything crossed and willing for Door One.
    All best wishes.


  2. Thank you for the update Doug….love the story about the car. Sending good thoughts and prayers that on May 30 you open Door #1. Until then take it all in and enjoy every moment.


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