So, What’s Goin On?

No, it’s not a tribute to the new Marvin Gaye stamp. (Although it was a killer song and album.) Although if you want to you can click the link to listen, while you read…

I just realised that I haven’t really said too much lately and wanted to give yet another update in my continuing saga. (Besides, it’s a really crappy day outside. Only 53F, cloudy and raining)

I’m sitting here in El Gastor, Spain (about 10 miles from Ronda) in the hills of Andulucia. I’ve been here about two weeks and this was supposed to be my Rejuvenation and also my time to focus on my writing the book. Key word is supposed. The weather has been mahvelous! Almost every day has been around 70F, clear blue skies, very few clouds and a spectacular view of Zahara                        (one of the picturesque white washed villages the area is famous for..) IMG_0264

I left England via a ferry and landed in Bilbao – we immediately drove to San Sebastian (a lovely seaside town in the Basque region of Spain) – with more Michelin restaurants than anywhere in the world per sq. mi. (bar Tokyo). A friend (Aitor Elorza) met with us and hosted a remarkable meal showcasing the areas culinary expertise (wine was excellent as well.) I must say: “The first time in my life I ever had fish cheeks as a starter!

After a great couple of days there we drove to Madrid (meaning I sat there for five hours) and had a short business meeting (of course there were tapas and local beers). The next day off to El Gastor (sitting another five hours.) This sitting; seriously played havoc with my feet and my back.

One of the few side effects I STILL have from the Chemo from almost four months ago is that my feet have nerve damage. It feels like I’m walking on two giant, stinging water blisters that ache. I’ve been using a foot massager – but all that does is confuse my feet – not really much relief. A little herbal relief does at least take the edge off. It’s especially painful at night lying in bed. So, I’m pretty sure there must be some circulatory issues here as well. My back issues go back decades…

This meant the first week here was not very productive with mobility. I did go for a few walks on the property and in a local village (tons of hills) during last week which resulted in some muscle soreness. I haven’t been able to do much cycling or anything else for that matter. I hope to begin changing that today with at least a half hour of something for the next month that I’m here.

We’re spending a few days at the seaside in Zahara de los Atunes (fishing village on the Atlantic near Gibraltor) before another ten hour drive to Santander for a ferry back to the UK.  We’ll be returning the day before Brexit is supposed to happen (jury’s out).

How do I feel?       I really wish people wouldn’t ask me that… It’s so….vague yet intrusive! I still don’t feel like myself. I’m growing hair all over (except the top of my head which unfortunately remains moderately hairless) so, at least; I’m looking like myself (minus the ponytail.) I must admit I was hoping I’d look like someone else (Cary Grant comes to mind.) I’m still weak, even after the various exercising bits I’ve done (imagine if I’d done nothing). My appetite is back a bit and I’m not holding back, so; I’ve probably put on a couple pounds. I’ve decided I’m not going to diet while on a holiday break. My mental faculties are good. I’m probably having about an hour a day with online telemarketing with clients, some new projects and even potential clients. I’m maintaining an attitude that I am in remission (even though I don’t really know for sure.) I still have the April 25th meeting with my Dr. to get the prognosis.

The bottom line – I’m supposed to be dead! I’m alive, weak, still overweight – but; ALIVE! Every day that I wake up – I’m grateful. I’m not communicating with people anywhere near what I used to – but, I’ve realised that I’ve got to look out for me first. When I get the all clear I’ll try to get back to a bit more of my former self. I mean I’ve gone from full speed to full stop for nine months. It’s unnatural to me!

Next week I turn 69. HOW THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? In my tiny little brain I’m in my twenties, looking forward to a long and fruitful life. I don’t know how much time I’ve got left – nobody does… The article that is in CBI this month captures a bit of my past life very well, I think. In some way I wish I could continue – but, I know I can’t.

So, somehow I’ve got to create a new ME. Don’t know how that’s gonna turn out. A lot hinges on the 25th meeting. There is a POSSIBILITY that I will try to attend FIBO in April. I just don’t know if I’ll have the strength (it’s an enormous Trade Show – wish I could rent a Segway).

In conclusion; I’m alive, well, getting stronger every day, looking forward to more communication when I get back to UK. Some projects (One Convention Cruise – in July and My Opening Farewell – in October) to keep me busy. I would like a new project to keep me busy (so, if you know anybody that could use my particular skill set – sales & marketing, Industy knowledge and contacts…Let me know!)

5 thoughts on “So, What’s Goin On?

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  1. Doug, just enjoy your time in Spain as much as you can. I like your attitude… being grateful for every day! And yes, YOU ARE ALIVE and still doing a lot of stuff!! Keep getting stronger, but do it on your own terms…nobody else’s! Looking forward to seeing you in July, if not before then. Will definitely toast you next week in San Diego!


  2. It sounds as if you’re having an excellent physical and mental holiday Doug.
    San Sebastian is glorious. The sand really is honey coloured and the tapas are sensational.
    The pool looks very tempting.
    Glad you return before the morons pull up the drawbridge! All best wishes my friend.


  3. Encouraged by your strength. Are you taking CoQ10? It helps with vascular inflammation (leg/foot nerve problens) . Gabapentin helps with nerve problems too. They put me on that because radiation killed my lung, ribs, and connective tissue, and pain is under control now. Hope you feel mahvelous soon. Love you!


  4. great to hear from you – and welcome to the 69 club! I love your attitude of gratitude and really hope you are at FIBO- can bring my scooter for you! Am with Dan the Man Persson in Sweden next week- we will raise a glass of wine to you- enjoy wonderful Spain,xxxx


  5. Hi Doug
    We are so pleased to hear that you are well and able to enjoy the sun. We will pray for healing to your feet and for your energy levels to increase. Please give our love to Mel and happy birthday for next week.
    Much love


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