A bit of an Update…

Just to keep everybody informed… I’m done with ALL potential treatments. For two weeks now I wake in my own bed and don’t have to go to a Hospital daily for something or another.

I feel good, my hair is starting to grow back, the only side-effect is nerves in my feet not quite right. I won’t find out about the results until the 25th of April. The options are:

  • Remission
  • Alien Trump gone but a new Alien has arrived
  • Alien Trump is still there and needs further treatment
    • supposedly the only recourse is EXTREME CHEMO
      • I suspect I will decline this and just try to live the rest of my life

I would like all of you to now sit down….

  • I have been exercising for ten straight days, so far.   I found myself extremely weak after all the treatments. So, the week after I had the last treatment I started with cycling, dumbells and a bit of Ab-Training – 30 to 45 minutes daily.
  • Hope to get onto the Octane Cross Trainer, Yoga and more Ab-Training when I get back to UK from…

We leave for Spain on Tuesday, (FYI – the photo is a picture of me on my first trip abroad to the same area of Spain – Andulucia, that I visited in 1972) spending a couple days in San Sebastian (with a Basque friend trying to convince me that the region is the best in Spain.) We then motor to Madrid for a day (a bit of business with one of my Hobbies). Ending near Ronda in Andulucia. We’re there until the end of March when we spend a week on the Atlantic coast in Zahara de los Atunes – getting back in UK a couple days before Brexit (if it happens.) I plan on continuing the exercise EVERY DAY (with the possible exception of the Ferry to Spain which might not have a gym – if it does, I’m there…

I will NOT be in San Diego for IHRSA – there is a chance that I will be at FIBO in April.

Other than that I will not be travelling until after I find out what the results are. My mental attitude is: I AM IN FULL REMISSION! I am not accepting (mentally) any other option.

So my thanks to all of you who have supported my journey! You know who you are…

I will post a couple photos of me in my Gym and my routines in Spain for you sceptics. I’ve discovered a new motivation to exercise – FEAR OF DEATH. Pretty strong motivation – to prolong your life.

Still planning on my last EU Presentation in July at the One Convention (Rome to Barcelona) and my final presentation with the Virtual RoadShow at the ICAA Convention in October (Orlando.)

Book coming, Podcast coming and who knows what else Retirement will bring?

21 thoughts on “A bit of an Update…

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  1. Hey Doug! Excellent news! Glad to hear that you finished your treatments and are getting ready for some nice weather and a relaxing time in Spain. And congrats for starting your exercise routine and being consistent with it, which is going to help you get stronger a lot quicker! Looking forward to seeing those workout photos! And looking forward to seeing you this summer, if not before! xo, Fred


  2. Have a wonderful time in Spain. I’m sure a change of scenery, better weather, fabulous Pinxos in SAN Sebastian and no Brexit bollocks will be a great tonic! All the best. Jonathan.


  3. Here’s…Cheers…to YOU! It’s nice to see that stubborn streak kicking in positivity. Love you. We are now in February, so we’ll see what the next 28 days looks like with MY challenge.


      1. Have a wonderful healthy & restorative time in Spain. I remember your first trip very well. Keep with the program. Love, E


  4. What great news-such an inspirational and of course with a large slice of the Doug humour blog,enjoy Spain and looking forward to catching up with you at FIBO-big hug to the amazing Mel,xxx


  5. Have a fantastic time in Spain Doug and I need to get to the gym this week as only 7 left to go I have been told until the wedding, I am coming back early from our Honeymoon on the 3rd April and then the plan is for Mike and I to leave the office on the 4th so hopefully see you in FIBO – I look forward to seeing you soon and long may the adventure continue x


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