All done, but the waiting…

Well, I’ve finished the last of the RadioTherapy Treatments and now it’s all over – bar the waiting. For some reason, I now need to wait three months before they can scan me again to determine whether the RT Treatments were successful. I’ve beeen told that the Radiation continues to do whatever it’s supposed to do (don’t know how long or what it’s actually doing) and I guess my body needs to assimilate the Alien Trump.  So, the waiting begins…

I’m not going to sit around and dream and hope – that’s really not my style. I’ve come to grips with the reality that I’ve endured everything they’ve asked of me to rid my body of the Alien Trump. It’s been a long, relatively painful process (referring to the second half of the Chemo) and not much more I can do. I will get the FINAL Verdict on the 25th of April. Certainly seems a long way away – today – but, like I said: nothing more that I can do – other than try to improve my health, stay occupied with my hobbies, finish my book and wait and see what the future brings. I guess my life expectancy is at least to April 25 – being extended substantially on that date. C’est la vie!

So, what happens if it doesn’t work? That’s the question I asked the Dr the other day. Her answer: “We’ll treat you with Extreme ChemoTherapy.” WOW, wasn’t expecting that as a response. I don’t think I’m prepared for another bout with this type of treatment. I’m still experiencing the after-effects of two months ago – with the nerve endings in my feet ‘fried’!

I’ll be leaving for Spain on the 27th of January (driving) and spending two months there: (returning on 27th of March – unless, there’s no Brexit and then I’ll stay a bit longer.) I plan on writing, walking, reading and generally working on my own form of positive self-healing. I need to finish my book and begin working on the Podcast. I’ll also be contacting a few companies to see if there’s any interest in sponsoring the 2019 Road Shows (one of my hobbies)

I’ll be giving my last ever Live Presentation in Europe on the 14th of July somewhere in the middle of the Mediteranean (cruising from Rome to Barcelona) at the One Convention (produced by my Italian friend Andrea Pambianchi of Fitness Network Italia.) My fellow Presenters include: Adrian Marks, Casey Conrad and Fred Hoffman.

12 Sponsorship opportunities exist for this event – it is NOT a Virtual RoadShow and will NOT be streamed Live.  You need to be there!  Special rates will be available for IHRSA Members and Guests of the Sponsors. This RoadShow will be recorded and given free to attendees to take back and share with their Staff.  There are a total of 300 seats available and when the One Convention Website goes live; soon – I’ll post a link.     We expect a full boat!

My Opening Farewell (my LAST ever LIVE Presentation) will be in October in Orlando, Florida in conjunction with the ICAA (International Council of Active Aging) Conference. I will only confirm one of my fellow Presenters will be Sandy Coffman.   This will be a Virtual RoadShow and will be streamed LIVE-Globally; as well as being recorded.

I’m sitting in the Hospital waiting room as I write this – by the time most of you read it – it’s all over.

Oh yeah, Happy New Year to all – I’m so glad last year is over, you can’t imagine. I hope to make this year one to remember, but for positive….

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