Merry RadioTherapy

Doesn’t actually seem too festive… I begin Radiation Therapy to impeach the Alien Trump on December 19th and actually have a treatment on Christmas Eve (actually Christmas Eve afternoon.) The treatments are fifteen minutes in length and spread over fifteen days (ending the 9th of January.)

If I’m honest; I’m scared shitless

  • What new side effects can I look forward to?
  • What if it doesn’t work?
  • Do I just wait to die?
  • Are there any other options?

Here’s reality!

  •  I’m supposed to be dead already.
  • I’ll see a couple more Christmas’s
  • It can work – (the treatments).
  • Every day is a new opportunity.

This disease has been a wakeup call. Countless poeple have come forward and let me know that I have made a difference in their lives and in the lives of the people that I worked with. You can’t imagine what that means. I gave my own Eulogy and got to know what people felt when they heard that I’d passed on to my next level of being. Most people go to their graves wondering. Sure, I will too – but without many miss-givings; about whether I succeeded or not. It turns out that I’ve been a teacher. I didn’t see that one coming…

I don’t know if I’ll be posting anything else this year – if not – enjoy your Holidays, count your Blessings, tell the ones you love how you feel, better yet – show them!

I’m spending a quiet Christmas with Mel and my son at the Mill House – hope to see some of my UK family before or after – Merry Christmas to all!

Thanks for taking the time to read this – love to all!

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  1. You ARE an inspiration Doug. And yes you ARE one of a kind. Like a great whiskey… you take a little getting used to…but then we are hooked for life. You have been and still are such a huge part of the global fitness industry. You HAVE had a huge impact on the many people you have met as a result of your desire to help others. So many times at conferences, i hear “has anybody seen Doug?”. Stay well my friend..and remember, this Christmas will make the many more you have left feel very special. Alan Leach, Ireland.


  2. Doug,
    I read your posts with such heavy heart (I do read them, unlike to long to-do lists you were sending in 😉 ).
    Please be well and we will have a tequila party – that’s my wish to Santa for 2019!
    All the best,

    P.s. I don’t believe The Teacher came as a surprise – that’s who you definetely were for me!


  3. Doug,
    Merry Christmas and a fresh, healthy, positive, victorious, happy New Year to you.
    Yes, reading your blog made you my teacher as well. Thanks for teaching me not to take anything or anyone for granted.
    Enjoy and relax with your family for Christmas.
    And let’s meet in Malaga and celebrate Life.



  4. The season is always filled little miracles and seeing you here still is one of them. My dear friend I look forward to seeing you again soon. Merry Christmas!


  5. Hey Doug, who’s taking over from you at the local garden centre this year?!
    Have a great time with your two most favourite people and make sure you hook-up with your third most favourite soon. Give Mel a big kiss….


  6. Hey Doug

    As you well know, you have had a huge impact on my life and my business. Althoug we haven’t seen to much of each other in the last years, I still concider you one of my best buds, and I really miss you. ( enough bromance😁) –

    I also for some reason never had the opportunity to have one of your infamous Margaritas – just saying 😳

    The nickname «Nokia» (connecting people) that PA gave you comes to mind. Very apropriate concidering your unike skills (one of many) in connecting people in the industry to take it to the next level👍 – you make everybody feel good around you ❤️

    One down 14 to go. – I know you can handle this bro. Stay strong, and make the MF go away forever.
    Grethe says hi, and we’re both sending loving vibes.

    We whish you, Mel and your son a peacefull and merry Christmas🎅🎄❤️

    Love you, thinking of you


    1. Thanks Bro, now midway through the treatments – feeling OK. Got my Stable Gym open today and hope to begin the 2019 Rejuvenation.later today. We’ll have to take care of that Margarita deficiency…


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