The next steps…

On Friday morning at 11am I will be lying on a CT Scan bed while it determines the exact location of the Alien Trump. Once located; I will be meeting with the Radiology Team who will let me know when we start 15 days in a row of Radiation Therapy (about 15 minutes each time).

Adenbrooks Hospital (where I’ll be treated) is located in Cambridge (about an hour each way from my home in Suffolk.) The treatments will be weekdays only.  So, I’ve got a bit of a commute (could be a lot worse).

So far; through the ChemoTherapy, we’ve lost 80% of the Alien Trump. Supposedly, through the RadioTherapy the remainder should be eradicated. I won’t know for sure until March/April next year (they don’t scan for three months until after the final treatment.) Now, I’m simply repeating what the Doctor has told me: “When we’re finished you will not have any cancer here.” The way I interpret this is that the possibility of other Cancers elsewhere in my body – at some time; will come forward – just not there.

There are also obviously the possibility of side-effects: constipation (which plagued me during ChemoTherapy), diarrhea, perforation of my intestines, and other interesting options. Needless to say, I have some disbelief that there will be complete eradication of the Alien Trump and I have some reservations about this type of treatment.

Also, I am still relatively weak – so; if I begin this new treatment – do I get even weaker? So, when should I start – now, or wait until the New Year? What happens if it doesn’t eradicate the Alienwhat’s my recourse then?

I want to get this over with. So, I’m planning on starting treatment ASAP. I have some new equipment in my home gym – this will be assembled this week and I plan on beginning some form of strength training immediately and continuing during the Treatments. Once they’re done – I need to wait a week before I leave for Rejuvenation in Spain in January. I still plan on being there until March to focus on my health and finishing my book.

Last week I went to Leicester to attend the Workout National Fitness Awards. The night before the event I hosted a small Margarita Party with a select group of people who had either worked with me or helped me over my years here in the UK. This was the first time I’ve left the house in six months. I was/am weak – but I think some adrenalin kicked in – because I thoroughly enjoyed both nights and I thank sincerely those that journeyed to be with me (especially Jimmy, Peter and Andrea who flew in from abroad.) This was probably the last ever UK Fitness event that I will attend – so; that probably means that unless someone journeys to Suffolk to Mill House in the UK – we won’t ever see each other again.

I am planning on conducting my final Live Speech in July of next year on the One Convention Cruise from Rome to Barcelona. This will be the last European event that I probably will attend. If you’d like to say hello/goodbye this will be the place…

My last American event will be in October of next year after the ICAA Convention in Orlando. If you’d like to say hello/goodbye this will be the place…

A final note to this post: For months I have avoided any type of photography – I have no pictures of the Hospital, the ChemoTherapy, anything… I personally think that I now look like my father did lying in his coffinbut, he looked better… Unfortunately, by getting together with friends and colleagues I was unable to control everyone so there are some photos floating around on Facebook from the Awards Ceremony. So; I’ve posted a few of the photos here on the Blog. Please be gentle with your comments!

Regarding the photo in this post – anybody remember this guy? According to Melanie – I look much younger than I actually am; now, without the beard, etc…                                     So, I can only hope when it’s all overthis is what I’ll look like again! (Good to have a dream…)

Probably another post next week to let you know the start date of the Radiation Therapy.


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