The Verdict is in…

On the fifth of July – they gave me three months (12 weeks) to live (unless I underwent an 18 week course of Chemo-Therapy.)

Six weeks in on the Programme; there was a complication which resulted in finding out that there had been a 60% reduction in the size of the tumour and it had removed itself from my large intestine (a HUGE development.)

Yesterday on Thanksgiving – I was informed that: the tumour has been reduced by a total of 80%. 

When viewed in the total perspective:

  • The months I had to live are now years…
  • The tumour is approximately one inch (down from 5 1/2″)
  • It is treatable by Radiation Therapy

And that is the future… I will be meeting a new Doctor who specialises in Radiation Therapy and I should find out within the next week or so about how many, how often and how long this form of treatment will continue. I do know that when this treatment is finished – there is a three-month wait until another scan will reveal the next (hopefully) reduction of the Alien Trump.

I don’t think the treatment (Impeachment Process) will begin until next year (probably January when the new Congress begins it’s session.) This will screw up my plans for Spain. But; I want to be able to strengthen my weakened body before I begin another assault on this tired, old body…  FYI some of the equipment is arriving to help me with my Rejuvenation.

I’m now off almost all drugs; I’m hoping that there will be some stubble on both my head and face (I look like the picture in the heading – just twenty-five years on) soon!

If I’m honest – I was hoping for 90-95% reduction of the tumour. BUT, to put things into perspective – instead of being dead – I now have a couple of more years added to my life expectancy and the possibility of even more through further treatments.

All in all – a damn good result!

PS    Are you going to attend the 2018 Workout National Fitness Awards in Leicester next week, on the 30th of November – I WILL BE THERE!        I want to say thank you and goodbye to my British friends in the Fitness Industry. Probably the last event I will ever attend in UK.                             IF you’re going, please email me so we can hook up –

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  1. What fantastic news! I am so so happy for both you and so so pleased!! Knew you could never be beaten that easily, really looking forward to seeing you both when you are ready!!!! Love you both lot and lots x x x


  2. This is excellent news Doug. Congratulations! All the best. Jonathan.
    Now I’m back from Asia I’d very much like to drive up and see you.


  3. That’s such great news Douga-so pleased for you and Mel, and sorry we missed you last week. Time to make another date, once we are back from Oz. Enjoy the Fitness Awards -will raise a glass to you both at Crazeexmas! Huge Hugs, Lex


  4. Hey Douga,
    This is fantastic news, it’s incredible how well your body has responded to the treatment so far. I know we cannot even begin to fathom the toil this treatment has taken on you, both physically and mentally, but we are so proud of you. You are an incredible warrior, as well as an inspiration to us all in many ways. Enjoy an ‘almost’ drug free rest and hope that you begin to feel brighter before the next treatment. Love and hugs, Kelly and Shane xxx


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