The LAST five days of Chemo…

I entered the Bury St Edmunds Hospital on FUNday night (the 21st of October) to begin the last 96-hours of non-stop ChemoTherapy. I’m now hooked up to a glucose drip to hydrate me. The Chemo will begin in about four hours.

I haven’t slept too well over the night, in spite of taking a sleeping tablet. My feet feel like they’re on fire; as well as the pointy finger on my left hand (as a result of a nerve issue years ago that resulted in limited feeling in that finger – more or less resolved by regular massage.) I may even be a bit excited that this is the beginning of the end – or is it just a new beginning?         Rejuvenation….

the action or process of making someone (ME) or something look (I live in hope...) or feel better (absobloodylutely), younger, or more vital.

This seems to be one of the few Chemo side effects that I have been unable to avoid, (hair loss being the other big one – I know, I know – what hair?)

Because of the success of the first three sessions they increased the dosage for number four (which is when the pins & needles, on fire, lactic acid burn, weakness in my legs began.) That first weekend after the fourth session, I couldn’t get out of bed; it hurt so much – right from my toes up to my gonads – for 72 hours straightNOT Fun!

They reduced the dosage a bit for the fifth session and this resulted in similar results (but ONLY from my toes to my knees – for 72 hours straight – still, NOT much Fun!

I don’t know yet how much they’re increasing or decreasing the dosage this time.   Believe me I will find out before they start.

Another side effect: it seems that I’m allergic to something in one of the injections. Besides ridiculous bruising, scarring under the injection point in my skin, skin rashes under my dressings (for the PICC lines) and general not feeling well after these injections – they’re now stopped!

Speaking of PICC lines, ANOTHER one has managed to wiggle it’s way out of my body (I don’t take well to Borg treatments). This time my left arm (I’m running out of appendages.) So, they have inserted this one through my neck; that comes out of my chest. These PICC lines reduce the number of injections by needle, drawing blood and the primary purpose of delivering the poison going into my body. I suspect that by now my immune system is negligable. I got a Flu shot (as did Melanie) on Friday in advance of this treatement. I’ll be damned if I’m gonna die of Pneumonia after going through all of this.

All of this is one full month (30 days 24/7) of Chemo in the last four months. No wonder I feel the way I do.

ANYWAY, since I didn’t sleep – I’ve started editing X-Selling @ Membership Sales, typing, this Blog post on my NEW MacBook Pro (to finish writing X-Selling and producing the Audio Book and eBook.) I’ve actually had a pre-order, pre-sale of 12 copies of the book. A colleague is reserving them to give to some of his clients – I’m touched!  His copy will be No. 1 of 1,000.

The Stable Gym @ Mill House (now accepting memberships – very limited) is warming up. I’ve got a Joe Weider home gym for strength training (I’d love a Technogym Radiant – but can’t afford it, hint – hint!), waiting on a delivery of an Ab Trainer CS 1500, already have an Octane Fitness Cross Trainer and Star Trac Recumbant Bike. The Yoga PT is booked for a session two weeks from when I get released (still need to order some mats) and also waiting for some Ziva hand weights I’ve been promised… the electric Mountain Bike has been serviced.  (Thanks to Jimmy, Leo, Peter and Brent for equipment.)

Let the Rejuvenation of Douga begin!


So, here’s the plan for the rest of this year (didn’t think I’d get to say that…

  • I get released on the 26th of October, 2018.
  • I have to go twice a week to the Hospital for Blood Tests for two weeks
  • I go cold turkey on drugs &  injections (no more) on the 9th of November
  • Rejuvenation should begin… on the 10th of November
  • My first Visitor (from Canada – Laurie Metrick) visits on the 12th of November
    • possibly with a meeting of the Brain Trust (Adrian, Tom, Al & PA)
  • Pet Scan on the 19th of November
  • Results on the 23rd of November ANNOUNCED (Black Friday)
  • Nic Jarvis visiting Mill House on the 28th of November
  • National Fitness Awards in Leicester on the 30th of November
  • Baby Shower in Stroud (family) on the 1st of December.
  • Ian arrives on Christmas Eve day for a week
  • Leave for Spain on the first week in January for three months to continue Rejuvenation (and MAYBE grow some hair.)
    • stopping in Portsmouth & Bilbao to visit friends

I will be posting another edition of the continuing Back Story this week as well and any other incidents or events that happen this week. Really hoping for uneventful.



12 thoughts on “The LAST five days of Chemo…

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  1. Dear Doug. This sounds horrendous but you sound as tough as ever so it’s clearly a case of mind over matter. Always glad to know how you are getting on.
    I’m going to Singapore, Bali and Hong Kong from 30th October. My younger son is Sales Director of Bordeaux Index in Hong Kong, but I will be following your progress on line.
    Very pleased to read about your interesting plans and I hope to see you in late November. In the meantime I sincerely hope your pain and side effects subside rapidly.
    All the best.


  2. Colin and I continue to send you good thoughts as you battle your way through this Doug. We look forward to hearing all about rejuvenated Doug!!!


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