Chemo Doug has something to say…

This is the last image of the departed...                                                                  Douglas Neil Miller

It is with a tinge of sadness, a bit of relief and no sense of remorse that I (Chemo Doug) must tell you that Douglas Neil Miller has moved on to another plain of existance at 7.16pm GMT, (almost exactly the three months after he was diagnosed with inoperable Cancer.)  He was with friends and his loved one.  He enjoyed his last few moments having  a last meal of Bean Soup (his departed mother’s recipe.) He enjoyed a couple glasses of Perrier Jouet  Belle Epoque (his favorite) and of course he made a pitcher of Margaritas for all attendees. (I will admit there was some marijuana involved – strictly medicinal; of course.)  I was honored to be asked to deliver the Eulogy and I have recorded this and I will post this soon on YouTube.

However; it was Doug’s wish that only those friends and loved ones who send a photo of them lifting a glass will get the link to the Eulogy; conducted by me –  Chemo Doug. (These will all be posted on this Blog.)  It was truly a Bad Friday. Now, you might ask why I am now involved. You obviously don’t know this but I am world class biologist, physicist, inventor and genetics engineer.   Doug has generously donated his body to me to use as an experiment in Medical Marijuana Cloning and Rejeuvenation that I have refined that will be finished this weekend (full ReJuvenation won’t be completed until after the 26th of October; visitors for one day [except Clients] can be booked [with overnight accommodation at]. He will remember good memories, his good friends and loved ones and of course; business related memories – just nothing Bad that occured before Bad Friday!

I expect a full Recovery (minus bad memories and memories of people who were not nice to him.) He will be re-born as the very first successful Immature Human Clone – named Douga (pronounced Dougi – long E). In his previous life on Earth he only allowed his Lovers to call him Dougi and it is in his Will that this now  be extended to his friends and loved ones’. Don’t be surprised if Douga (DougiE, the Clone) doesn’t reply to Doug or Douglas. If you were not nice to him, didn’t like him or he didn’t like you – he won’t remember! Douga will accept you as a new person and possibly friend. This was his wish and I have programmed this into the Medical Marijuana Cloning Programme.

A few small tidbits about the Eulogy and his Last Wishes...

  • “Don’t be sad – I had a great life, with you in it…thank you and I loved you!”
  • “I hope I made a difference and I hope you will forgive me if I hurt you ever…”
  • I am obviously gone from the Industry I loved and will NOT return as before.
  • “Unless you come to visit me after ReJuvenation (26 October) – you may never see me again.”
  • Every day that my Clone Douga is alive is a blessing that was not expected and his attitude has been programmed to not recognise the days of the Weak!
  • Every day is now FunDay (the 6th, 16th, 26th – whatever date it is…)
  • Every day he will have Fun and attempt to not only laugh; but to bring laughter to others. (This is an integral part of my cure!)
  • Life is too short to be aggressive, argumentative and stressed – so, he will just shut up and walk away (so, if you see him gettting smaller – he must be leaving!)
  • Live every day like there might be no tomorrow – because there might not be…
  • Tell everyone you care about how you feel every day – you might not get another chance.
  • AND FINALLY, Douga will be in the UK until January when he will be in Spain (he is accepting visitors) for three months… This is to complete the ReJuvenation and ensure Full Recovery.

After thatEvery FunDay will be an adventure, in living!

The Cancer I have WILL kill menot just yet. Do you know how you’re going to die?   I do! It has given me a completely new perspective on what we call life. I have spent a majority of it making money for others. Well, now it’s my turn.

  • I am retired as Sales Makers International – no more wasting my time travelling (I’ve had over 1,000 flights in forty years with at least one or two travel days each trip – I’ve wasted thousands of days of my previous life.)
  • I will only work with existing and past clients digitally or if you come to me, please; I will not be accepting work like I used to.
  • I am going to complete my 1,000 copy Limited Edition, hard bound book X-Selling @ Membership Sales (complete with Audio book and eBook).
  • I am going to begin a one-year PodCast as: the PodFather of Membership Sales.
  • I am going to complete my Bucket List within fourteen months
    • Route 66 Father/Son trip in June of 2019 (join in if you want?)
    • Christmas 2019 with my remaining family in America (Philly)
    • California & Mexico to visit with friends…(too many to name)
    • A week sailing in Tahiti (Join us…WindStar)
    • New Zealand with old friends for a few weeks…
    • Maybe Bali (again – I was there for my 50th – now 70th?) or Australia?
    • Maybe Vietnam?
    • China (walk on the Great Wall)
    • See the Pyramids in Egypt.

I truly hope to see you again, somewhere down the road…   ;-D  

9 thoughts on “Chemo Doug has something to say…

Add yours

  1. Lol. Scared me Douga. So glad you are doing great! Wishing you a long and happy life!
    Fond memories of you at the gym! Stay well. X


  2. Haha
    I have been calling you Douga for a long time. /After couple of drinnks/.
    A mother Nature miracle: rejuvenation makes you even wiser. Looking forward to meet that miracle on 17th of October in Millshouse.
    And pls add Greece to your list. There we go together . We have been practising with Uzo so many times.
    See you soon.


  3. I don’t have a picture. But, celebrated you with Margaritas (that’s multiple 😂) in Vegas on Wednesday! Mind you they weren’t your Margaritas, but Slainte Douga! ❤️


  4. Jesus! You had me going for a minute. I just spoke with you and got a chance to check the blog site and “whammo” the first two paragraphs had me going. I hope to catch up with you and Ian on the Rte 66 trip.


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