I’m supposed to be dead now!

On the fifth of July, 2018 – my world turned upside down. The results of the tests came in and without treatement I would have three months to live. THAT’S FRIDAY! The fifth of October.

Instead of dyingI choose to live! On Friday I will complete the fifth series (of six) treatments of Chemo. As you may know – after the second treatment they determined that the Alien Trump (as it’s affectionately known) has been reduced by 60%.

Unfortunately, they will not re-evaluate until the middle of November (about six weeks). Being a Pessimist, I figure; another 15% reduction for the 3rd and 4th Treatments and yet another 15% for the last two.

The Doctors (in their inimitable wisdom) determined that since I was doing so good after three Treatments that they would increase the dosage of the fourth Treatment. Everything was fine while I was in Hospital. No nausea, no vomiting, no major side effects to write home about at all – just recurring bouts of constipation. So, I checked out on Friday and went home – Saturday morning I thought my legs and feet were on fire! 

Lying in bed; movement of any type resulted in a very uncomfortable stinging, burning sensation (kind’ve like a lactic acid burn, (hard to describe) – but all over both legs and feet.  So: NO sleep for two days. I started taking the anti-nausea medication (I figured anything would help). The third day a bit of relief – fourth day; a Velcade (Chemo) injection (burn, baby, burn…) > relief seventh day = Velcade (more of the same). This results in a very weak Doug.

And then my clients from Bulgaria arrive to finalise the plans for two pre-sales in the next two months and Marketing for the rest of the year for the other ten Clubs. One day I made it to six o’clock – the other was five o’clock. On a scale of 1 – 10, I give me a six on performance. I’ve never been a six in my life (well, 38 years of Sales Makers!) Fortunately, they gave me an 8+ and I got paid; job done.

The next week I met with the Dr and explained and they’re knocking me down to where I was in the previous Treatments. I know it was done with the right intentions – to hopefully effect Full Remission of the Alien Trump. I’ll settle for the beginning of the Impeachment Process as the November result (yes, there is definitely an underlying theme here…) I hope that this doesn’t affect the results too much. I really don’t want Radiation Therapy after the Chemo; but I also don’t want to feel like this for the rest of my life (however long that may be and supposedly that is a possibly).

Again, I’m sitting in Hospital almost three months from when I was told I had three months TOTAL! Looking at the latest research; it seems the minimum I can expect is fourteen months and my GOAL has not changed: a minimum of four years to introduce my son as Dr Miller PhD.

My short range goal of completing my book before November looks pretty slim though. Simply because I’ve now expanded that to be a Book (Hard Bound), Audio Book, an eBook and a Podcast Series (a bit more aggressive plans – kind’ve like this Alien is supposed to be. If I’ve got a bit more time, why not?).

What happens when Aggressive meets Aggressive Hospitality ?

Bye, bye Trump!

PS         For my American Friends; please vote in November – our Country can’t go on like                   this for much longer. Let’s think: EARTH FIRST! Otherwise, WE won’t LAST!


BTW     The photo is above this post is of two of my clients (Angel & Staffi) from Sofia,                     Bulgaria who came to the Mill House to visit and work. Unfortunately, I was a                    bit over the weather and unable to join them in the photo as they departed.                          (They left while I was not in my best spirits…) Although, actually don’t expect to                    see ANY more photos of me NOW. I’ve got a few different things in store – stay                       tuned and follow if you don’t want to miss an episode of Shit-Happens.blog.

20 thoughts on “I’m supposed to be dead now!

Add yours

  1. Dear Doug.
    I’m sorry you’ve had this nasty burning experience.
    It all sounds encouraging however.
    Thank you for keeping us up to date.
    It’s really good to know how you’ re doing.
    Very best wishes.


    1. Don’t be sorry… I don’t think you had anything to do with it. If you did…. It is…my pleasure – anything to distract (I am taking calls from special people – hint, hint…) in Hospital all week ending No. 5.. so far, so good… My best always to you – I now live vicariously though your many exploits…


  2. Doug–looks like you are being over-sizzled! Hoping you now have some relief–we thought about you at the Rodriguez concert on Wednesday. Full-house – played lots of covers and only a few of the greats between mumbling incoherently and tuning his guitar. However, just can’t help feel you are in the room with a complete legend-a bit like when sitting with you!


    1. We all have our moments – I think he may be overplaying it a bit now – I’ll live with the memories. Same with me, I want people to remember me as I was; an Aggressive, Hospitable, person and you also knew exactly where you stood or (sat) with me! Next show for me is Lindisfarne on Sunday 10 miles from where I live in a 400 seat accoustically perfect room…After that – waiting for the Kinks Reunion. Off to Spain in January hopefully to be able to preserve my EU personality and residency. Break a leg at IHRSA – this’ll be the first one ever in EU I’ve not attended. Jonesing a bit I admit. Retirement (especially forceably) SUCKS! Looking forward to ending this trip real soon and at least knowing where I stand in November – IMPEACH ALIEN TRUMP!


  3. Thanks for the update and stay strong Doug. You shouldn’t be worrying about Trump. You’ve been in the UK so long we consider you to be one of us, a European……. oh wait 😉
    Love as always x


  4. You inspire us with your positivity and wisdom uncle Doug! You’re doing so well and we are all proud of you. I Like this quote from Franklin Roosevelt “When you come to the end of your rope tie a not in it and hold the fuck on”! He did’nt say the F word though I just thought it sounded better! 😉


  5. A week or so before you started your blog, you called me and gave me the brutal message of how long you were given to still be with us. You also talked about your plans and hopes, short and longterm for the future. To be honest, given your stubborrness and attitude towards life in general, or better said, you beeing a hardass with to much unfinnished business, there was no chance in hell you were about to kick it just yet

    And here you are, still with us, and as prognosis now shows, the Alien Trump is taking a serious. beating, so you still will be for quite some time.

    Love it bro, and you


  6. So very glad…keeping up with your progress expecting you to still make it to China…or at least share a Chinse meal with me soon


  7. Your accomodation is booked for The Bakery from the 17-19 October. Pickup from Stansted is booked for 2pm on the 17th. Please confirm your arrival time when you land…and go through checkout – pick-up will occur on the Departures level outside. Don’t worry – you can enjoy a fag while you’re waiting! It won’t be long now! BTW – STUBBORN (THE POT CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK!)


  8. Dear Doug,
    Or, I’ll rephrase that: Dear stubborn Champ of Positivism Wisdom and Optimism.
    You are not only hanging in there – you are the real man of steel – a true Hero of defeating evil.
    Following your blog is bringing true perspective and what is important in Life. Thank you for being such an outstanding and awesome life coach for me and for those who are given access to your blog. I’ve learned that the shit I thought I had to deal with in life isn’t even close to what shit is. Keep on fighting Doug. You’er The inspiration! I’m not just a friend, I’m a fan.


    1. I’m just getting restarted. I die tomorrow and Sunday / Funday – look at Facebook page and tomorrow blog
      Love you man and cu again. Planning visit to NORWAY in June, Spain = Jan – march recovery


  9. Dear Doug you spoke to me today over the phone just wanted to say I wish you all the best man, having that beer in your honour right now!

    Just wanted to say your amazing outlook on life and what I can bring has really had an impact in my own life

    Wishing you all the best



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