A bit of an Update…

It’s been a tough weekend. They increased the dosage of the Chemo (I guess they thought I wasn’t suffering enough) and it is stronger. My legs feel like they’re tingling (almost on fire), joints ache, a few bouts of what I guess is nausea, reduced appetite, sleepless nights due to legs and generally feeling somewhat weak.

Starting to feel better (I have to – clients from Bulgaria arrive later today to work for a few days.) Don’t think I’ll be in my normal party mode with them, but I will try to ensure they get their money worth out of me. Underpromise and Over-deliver!

Other things that seem to be different – my skin seems very dry and I’m now moisturising (something I’VE NEVER DONE BEFORE.)

I’ve had a PICC line in my right arm for over two months now. Basically, this is a tube that is inserted into a vein and delivers the Chemo closer to my heart and also allows them to draw blood to test what’s going on. Last week, the line moved (OUT) and is now what they call a Mid-line; (they can use it to deliver drugs; but unable to draw blood.) This has allowed me to have limited numbers of needles (something I’ve got a bit of a phobia about.) 

Well; due to the change – they now need to go to my left arm and insert another line. They also won’t remove the other until the new one is inserted. Because this thing is dangling from my arm (I look like a Borg [Star Trek reference]) – it means I’m not supposed to use the arm to lift things, etc. It’s amazing how quickly I’ve lost muscle tone in that arm. I really look like an old man with no muscle tone at all – I plan on hitting the gym – this is NOT on!

The minor problem seems to be that they are unable to insert the new line until the day after I’m scheduled for my 5th Chemo Treatment (only two more to go, yeah!!!)

I’m pretty sure that I’m going to request that they go back to the previous strength of the Chemo – I don’t know if I’m feeling this way because of a cumulative effect or because of the increased strength. Either way – I don’t like it.

Anyway, nothing exciting, humourous – just a bit of information to keep you all updated. I’m gonna come out of this thing initially weaker – but stronger in the end. I still won’t know the final word until the 11th of November.

But, here’s my reality: on the fifth of July at noon I was told I had 12 weeks to live – we’re now 11 weeks in and I’m not going anywhere just yet. (Actually, I’m gonna go into the kitchen and get another cup of coffee – more to come after the Bulgarians depart.)

FYI   The photo above is kind’ve what I look like now. It was taken at Sales Makers Annual Retreat that we ran on Sanibel Island back in the 80’s and 90’s. Eddie Tock decided that it would be funny if he and Ray wore skull caps during one of my presentations. Who knew it was a prediction? (Unfortunately, I’m not that skinny any more, was I ever that thin?)

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  1. Hi Doug, thanks for the update. Although the content is not really what one is looking for in live I hope that despite all the shit you continue to be able to enjoy a few moments once in a while with your loved ones 🙏🏻. I am not sure if my messages have reached you (still not the e-commerce crack 😞). I hope they did and do 👊🏻. Keep up the spirits 👍🏻. Best regards, Arie


  2. It’s always marvellous to read your blog Doug. I really salute you for the determination and guts with which you’re facing your illness. Best wishes. Jonathan.


  3. Hey Uncle Doug! Don’t know what else to say, but keep the faith. We know you’ll get your strength back- you’re amazing! Sending you all our love and best wishes! Xxxx ❤❤❤


  4. Keep besting the odds my man . They replaced the pin cushion in my chest feeding my heart 2 times while in chemo. Its a PIA but if it keeps you going it could be worse – thats what you tell yourself anyway. Love – B


    1. Always been a bit of a gambler. I now have a newly functioning PICC line in my other arm. Fortunately only one more session after this until it’s over on the 25th of October. Hopefully, no more jabs – last time was 129 in nine days. Diagnosis in November 7th… Prognosis FULL REMISSION – ALIEN TRUMP IMPEACHMENT!


  5. Hi Doug, I keep on reading your fantastic blog. I’m really happy to know that the anti-Trump task force is doing a great job and, at the same time, can inagine how tough the battle is. I do love tyhe way you write, which reflects the way you truly are. Keep on fighting, my friend.


    1. Make love, not war has been my mantra since my Hippie Daze; but Alien Trump???? I was a child of the 60’s (now in my 60’s) and involved in the Impeach Nixon movement of the 70’s while in College – my ultimate diagnosis happens in November (just when the elections happen in America and the control of the County goes back into the hands of intelligent, caring people – I desperately hope.) Just as I hope for FULL REMISSION – IMPEACH ALIEN TRUMP in November…PLEASE!


  6. With the exception of the sudo-bald head, that’s the Doug I remember. Good fight, Doug. Keep going; don’t give up! You might feel like crap now but hang in there; if they kill the alien completely we may have you around a lot longer. Yah!


    1. I kind’ve feel like that poster of the kitten clinging to a branch some times. But, not to worry – I got myself up there – I’ll get myself down (even if I have to jump >don’t take that the wrong way< ;-D


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