Bad Hair Day

Over the years I’ve had quite a few different hair styles – but; nothing like this… (well, actually when I was born I was bald – most people are…)

As a child my mother used me like a Ken doll and did

Doug 1955
Easter 1955

the normal pompadour and silly hairstyles of the fifties.

As a youth I went down the path of a crewcut and then flat-top with a stick of something that made the front stand up like the scene from Something about Mary (hope it wasn’t the same stuff.)

Doug 1956
Big on the Cowboy theme in 1957

When we moved from Audubon, NJ (12,000) to the big city Cherry Hill, NJ (100,000) I needed to change my image. This was 1964 – the British Invasion had begun and there were three types of hair styles to choose from: Conservative, Mod and Jive.                    First came Jive (ducktail with a lot of Brylcream to hold the overhang in the front and part in the rear. No photos of this phase – thank God, unless my Sister has something – but, I doubt it!) This also brought my first black leather jacket (bought on South Street in Philly, where all the Hippies meet – a bit later!) Think a cubby Fonzie (although the diet changed that in about six months.) And don’t forget the rat stabber shoes to go with it…

But it’s amazing what you would do for girls – so, my hairstyles started to match the girl I was seeing (not long hair – just Conservative or Jive; didn’t get into the longish hair until after High School.) So, I varied, from girl to girl – Linda, Karen, Diane, Pat, Shannon, Sue, etc…until Elaine

Doug 1968                               Doug 1973

High School photo – 1968                 College trip to Spain – 1972

Doug 1975
Rock n Roll DJ in 1975 – WYSP, Philadelphia

Anyway, I’m now completely bald, shaved by my own hand – didn’t fancy the Chemo Hair look. Since they’ve upped my Chemo to attempt Remission – they expect me to lose ALL hair on my body. When the Chemo ends in November with the Alien Trump Impeachment – my recovery can begin in the UK and hopefully continue with a few months in Spaindon’t expect to see any pictures of me without a hat. 

Which brings me to the point of this Bad Hair post. I’ve already got a few hats – so, in the remaining weeks (8-10) that I’m going to be subjected to this poison – I’m going to post a few pictures of me with my different Hat Styles (since I won’t have a Hair Style). Bear in mind the hair on my face is gone (except for a few wispy strands on my chinny-chin chin (I look like an old Chinaman [sorry to be politically incorrect to any old Chinamen]).            My mustache looks like I’m sixteen again (maybe a good thing?)

This should open up the comments section to a few laughs… the first one will be posted next week when I get out of the Hospital.

This is my favorite (taken for a photo shoot for my Mother’s 80th Birthday)

  Me, my Mom & Sister for her 80th

and the other is…

The only Selfie I’ve ever taken,,,       Seville, IHRSA 2016

and is the most current photo I used in all Social Media and pictures – hopefully, we’ll be back to something similar in a few months – probably take a bit longer to get a Ponytail…(it took 30 years for the last one.)

Doug’s Back
Interesting side comment:     I used to consistantly reach back and pull the Ponytail.                                I kind’ve have a Ghost Ponytail (like a limb that has been lost.                                                                          I reach back –          and there’s nothing there – VERY STRANGE, after 30 years! 

14 thoughts on “Bad Hair Day

Add yours

    1. My hair is all over the sheets, the floor, my clothes, the shower bottom, the bathtub… Well, if it’s my dress sense, then I’m screwed there too. Things are looking more positive…, but – I still have a bit of vanity left. (I know it hasn’t been that obvious over the years.) Thanks Bro – say hi to V for me!


  1. I’m very pleased you’re in such good form Doug. You cheer us all up, as you always do.
    Looking forward to seeing the Hat Show!
    All the best. Jonathan.


    1. You know I bounce back pretty quick. Gotta laugh to keep from over-thinking, like I normally do. THE NEW ME! You’ll see soon enough. Looking forward to a bottle of wine, some good food and a lotta laughs…


  2. We used to have a saying in taekwondo that all the best black belts were bald (I still have my somewhat grey crew cut )
    So Doug you now a true kick ass black belt 🥋


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