Bald as…

an egg, a coot, a bald eagle… Well, I never thought that I would be a candidate for Telly Savalas look-a-like (Who loves ya baby?) I guess I need to buy some lollipops…

Last week the Chemo Hair got the razor (actually an electric shaver). I just didn’t care for that look. So, I’m wearing a lot of different hats now. We’ve got the Stetson, the Panama, the Harley Durag, the black Durag, a beanie, an oversized beaniehaven’t made my mind up which looks the least stupid. 

Don’t expect any photos any time soon (as least with no head covering.)

I haven’t posted anything in a while – since there’s really nothing to report. The last two weeks have been relatively uneventful (that’s a good thing!) I have had some discomfort in my abdomen, due to injections that may be an allergic reaction. Later today I’m back into the Hospital for a week of Treatment No. 4.  A meeting with the Dr on Thursday shared this little bit of info – she’s planning on increasing the intensity of the Chemo (to be able to achieve REMISSION). This is the first time this has been mentioned. I’m a bit insecure about increasing the intensity though.

I haven’t really had any major side effects to the ChemoYes; the hair loss and constipation…but no nausea, vomiting, etc. So, I’m not looking forward to experiencing anything else. However; I guess the means justify the end. IF, I experience anything major – we’re going back to the original dosage and I’ll risk that the result will be the same.

I won’t know the results now until it’s all over in November.  I wish I had some other indication between then and now, but not to be…

The Goalpost has moved; GOAL = REMISSION!


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  1. Great news Doug. I have a pretty nice collection of hats, so I ‘ll bring some of them next week. My fingers are crossed for week N4! Looking forward to seeing you! Ciao!


  2. Just checking in to say hello and see how you are doing! Glad to hear that things are improving and that the last couple of weeks were uneventful. Looking forward to seeing some hat photos soon, my friend!


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