A quickie

Just learned (from results of Scan on last Friday) that after 2 Chemo treatments the Alien Trump has experienced a 60% reduction (in popularity).

I’m now going through Chemo No 3 (of 6 scheduled).

The final treatment and prognosis will be conducted the first week in November.           My desire is Full Impeachment and removal of the Alien Trump from orifice!

I knew that there had been a 30% reduction last week (and that was great), they hinted at 50% (which I couldn’t help but not quite believe) – that would would’ve been outrageous, 60% = unfuckingbelievable!

Thought you might want some good news from this thing…                                                       Bad News – looks like some of you might have to put up with me for a while longer.

I’m out over the weekend for another two weeks of monitoring before my next session and after that – another Scan to track the next level of results.

Some people are very sceptical of modern medicine and I can understand that; one of my most respected innovators was Steve Jobs who took a holistic approach to curing his Cancer (and we know how that turned out).                                                                                 He admitted later that he wished he had taken another course – but it was too late by then.    At this point; I’ll have to stick with modern – if you wish to experiment with your body (and I truly hope that is not necessary), well; that’s your choice – let me know how it turns out.

So far, I have not experienced any other effects than some hair loss (RIP ponytail).         NO nausea, no vomiting; NO pain – ALL gain!                                                                            I am fully stocked with both edible and herbal remedies – just in case...                         (thanks to one British and a few good American friends.)

SO, I hope that my goal of another four years is achievable (and I’m OK with that) – I wouldn’t be against a bit more as long as I’m healthy.

On that note: (after 39 years in the Fitness Industry); on Saturday – I begin training in my converted stable at Mill House with a recumbant Star Trac bike (thanks to Peter Webb of Core Health & Fitness for his support) and my Octane Fitness Crosstrainer (thanks to Leo Schreuder for his support also).                                                                                 This means a lot to: future Doug.                                                                                                      I could use some hand weights (hint, hint – Anders from Eleiko) and if anyone knows of a good multi-station strength like the Techno Radiant – let me know.                                    Also looking for a Yoga online PT…to help get me started – if anyone’s available!

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  1. Wow, great news indeed. You are clearly good at this… I’m also really glad to hear that you are not seeing the awful side effects of Chemo – go you 🙂 As for starting to train, another good for you. It appears you have got this. Love the updates, old friend.

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    1. Thanks lover – you’ll see your smiling face on a new photo I added to my photos – can’t wait to see it in real life. After November, when I’m done – I think it’s time for another Dream Team Reunion. So chuffed you guys are all so close after 20 years – just goes to show I put together a killer act (even if you did actually get hired by Stephen (photo of him too with my first visit to Chigwell.)


  2. Awsome news – and as someone previously wrote – fuck Trump ‼️
    … and that you have actually started training makes me really happy.
    You may need som proper coaching, and I know a great Norwegian PT, not cheap , but worth every dime. So when do you want me there bro?😎👍

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  3. Can the purchaser from ebay please return the exercise equipment they bought from me yesterday…I promise Doug will refund you with a cheque in the post, as soon as he’s out of hospital. 🏋🏻‍♂️🤣


    1. Gr8 to hear from ya Nebbsy, another of your old mates turned up from the past in earlier comments – planning on DownUnder in two winters/ your summer – would be wonderful to kill a couple cold ones…


    1. Miracle no, miraculous result Yes! Funny, I’ve got a great memory and can remember you and the Joyce sisters many times in my car and at parties. But I don’t recall how you could remember hooking up so you would know that? I’m sure I’d remember. Gonna try a Route 66 Bucket list trip in June (with my Son), would love to catch up while in LA. No time pressure these days – living each day at a time!


    1. I’ve adhered to the Jimmy Buffett philosophy of: I may grow older – but I refuse to grow up! Until Alien Trump (imagine the scene in Alien bursting from his gut – but Orange with a Combover) I had my ponytail for thirty years – that was my time machine to my youth (when I did’t have one) unlike Sampson I seem to still have my won’t power… I won’t let this Alien take me now. I’m at page 176 in my book – goal = completion before Alien Trump is Impeached in November from my gut (hopefully the doppelgänger also!) Wanna race? See who finishes first?


  4. great news Doug, so this means the fuck trump tour of NZ is on! i know a transvestite yoga teacher who does home visits in your area, stretches like a good un!!! what i will do is pay for the first session on condition you send us all photo evidence of your private session?


  5. Hey Gerard….is that the same PT?? you used to pay to give you ‘one to one’?

    P.s. What’s this Gerard s**t? Have you dropped the butch Gez name now you’ve moved from Kuwait to NZ?


    1. Yes that’s right Mel the same one bent me all over the shop!
      The Gerard is the French image ! The ladies love it!!!
      Not off to NZ yet hopefully end of this month if my visa comes through


      1. I always thought you had a bit of French in you….now I understand why the laddies swoon – is that why everyone thinks of you as a Loulou?


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