So, what’s retirement like?

I thought I’d digress a bit from the normal morbid post and share some feelings.

Yes, the Alien Trump is the main reason for not continuing until my fortieth anniversary next year (which was the plan). I have my own opinions about how I got this Alien in my gut. Right after I got the diagnosis I went on the Internet to find out more about what I had contracted. In my searches I ran across an interesting article – supposedly; recent research has discovered that Flight Attendants have a very high rate of cancer and the researchers were now going to look into whether or not the same statistics were to be found in Pilots and Frequent Flyers.

This made me think: in forty years, I must’ve flown over 1,000 flights – some long-haul and some short-haul – but; all of them 30,000 – 36,000 feet above the earth – where there are unnameable and unknowable solar and cosmic rays permeating anything that is within this sphere of influence. Meaning an airplane with NO additional protection are exposed to this radiation – meaning ME and anyone else who meets this criteria (quite a few of my Equipment Company agents travelling the planet in search of sales and expanding their Global penetration – NOTE: Does this sound like you??? – Get checked out, please!)

Anyway, this was the NO 1 reason why I retired. I decided that I did not want to continue any additional exposure that could cause a return bout – (when I enter Remission – [positive reinforcement]).

So; this means I can no longer visit clients, can’t attend Conventions, can’t help potential customers…(Unless; I can drive, take a train or a boat…but; not too many are in that category.)

I do plan on taking the occasional plane – but strictly for pleasure (my Bucket list includes: Tahiti, China and Egypt – this means flying.) I’m planning a Route 66 trip with my son in June and hopefully continuing with an extended tour of California > up to Canada and then Cross Country > ending in New England for one last stunning Autumn colour trip. Otherwise it will be a similar tour – but, in Europe for the summer (depends on how frequently I’ll need to get checked out. Maybe if I can coordinate some of my Bucket List excursions with a Convention and maybe if I determine that I need to promote the X-Selling or the Podcast Series – we’ll see how things progress…)

So, back to the original topic: Retirement! IT SUCKS!

I’m bloody bored to tears. After running around the world for forty years to come to a screeching halt – well, you can’t imagine! I just had two of my oldest clients visit Mill House and almost all of the visit was WORK – Yeah! I’m speaking (tele-marketing with them and a couple of others). The reason I stopped was because I couldn’t visit, but it doesn’t stop me using my brain and forty years of experience to continue to help people in the Industry I love. So, if you need some help that I can offer (online or in person [at my place] – don’t hesitate to contact me at:

Many of you know that in a previous life I was in the Music Industry. Music is still a big part of my life and before you ask: NOI don’t play (three years of accordion in my youth doesn’t count), I don’t sing (my speaking voice served me well in my years as a Radio DJ and Announcer in my 20’s though) and I don’t dance (Yes; Genesis [a band I worked with when Peter Gabriel was still in the lineup – kind’ve dates me] named their album I Can’t Dance after me.) One of my all time favorites is Steve Perry (The Voice) of Journey. He retired cold turkey over twenty-four years ago. Today, I pre-ordered his NEW Album – Traces, Steve_Perry_-_Traces (this is the link to the only song released No Erasin – a story about him connecting with a lost love at a HS Reunion) which will be released on October 5th. I’ve never seen him perform (I missed his last concert in Tahoe by one day – didn’t know it was happening, so sad😭) – so, I’m hoping that he will do a support tour or show to return – I will be there! I listened to an Interview from a Radio Station in NYC where he explained how he felt and why he did it; totally different reasons – but, I can relate. He said that he went through a period of withdrawal (I’m now going to say that I’m in the Hospital for Retirement Withdrawal!)

To help with the Rehab – I’m going to start working TODAY on X-Selling @ Membership Sales (I printed out what I’ve got and it’s sitting in the drawer next to me – ready for proof reading, updating; before I start with the ReWrite.) I hope to have it complete and ready for graphics by the end of my Chemo – 26th of October (while a lot of friends are hanging, partying, learning, Networking in Lisbon, Portugal at IHRSA – the only EUropean Congress I’ve ever missed – BUMMER!). After the Chemo ends I’ve then got another two weeks of checkups – before I get the New prognosis and life expectancy number… (I had another Pet Scan on Friday and will get the latest results on Thursday of this week – I’m hoping for a bit more than the 30% reduction of the Alien Trump and the One- Year Life Expectancy that I was given last week; with a less clear CT Scan while in Hospital for the Incident.

After the completion of X-Selling @ Membership Sales – I will begin recording my Podcast Series (more on that and how the book will be offered in future posts – probably on SalesMakersInternational

Who knows maybe after 24 months (overly optimistic, I think for a 24 year hiatus)             – MaybeI’ll be back…                                                                                                                                                          need all that time to re-grow my ponytail.DOUGS BACK

                              DOUG’S BACK!

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  1. Sounds like things are getting better! I think 🤔 we all have an angel 😇 watching over us!, thanks for your perspective on cancer associated with plane ✈️ rides. I do fly often to Charlotte,NC to visit my older daughter,but it’s a short flight & American has all new planes. I can’t help think back to our high school days at Cherry Hilll West. Both my daughters graduate 👩‍🎓 from West 2004 & 2014! Thanks for the updates!I am hoping you can accomplish all of your bucket list! and then some! Your friend always, Alex 😊

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  2. Hey, Sir! Great news! You are a true warrior 🙂 By the way the picture looks like the newest character from Sesame Street. Can’t wait to see you soon my friend! Best of wishes and Hasta la vista! Cheers to Melanie

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