More Chemo

Just spent a couple days working with my GoGo girls from Finland (the name of the Club is Go Go Liikuntakesus based in Tampere, Finland.) We’ve been working together for twenty years last month. Very proud of what we’ve accomplished there and planning two more sites this year that should rock Finland. We’ve been focussing on being the Biggest Fish is a small pond and now we’re moving UP to the Big Pond – look out Finland Go Go is growing again!                        IMG_0211

Going into the Hospital for Round No. 3 (of 6) on Sunday night – another week of poison.

Met with the Dr. yesterday and she confirmed that the rare, aggressive Lymphoma I have contracted has been successfully reduced by at least 30%.  Based on the diagnosis from the 5th of July (giving me three months) this has now been revised to a minimum of one year and with continued success; my goal of four more years will be acheived.  (I might revise that up another year…or…) Sorry folks, seems I’m not leaving you just yet…

Going later today to Cambridge for a Positron emission tomography (PETPet Scan that will show a clearer picture of the Alien Trump and I should have more information next week.

I feel fine – normal (if you could ever define me as being normal).  There has been no nausea or vomiting or reaction to the Chemo (actually a bit of constipation – but I think that’s more medication orientated because of the pills that they gave me for nausea – that I’m now refusing.)

As of Monday I will no longer be accepting visitors at Mill House (except for my friends and clients from Bulgaria next month – we’re working.) I don’t know how I’ll feel after the next treatment – but the real reason is that I am working on finishing ‘X-Selling @ Membership Sales’ – my book on the Industry, career and the mechanics of the the Sales Makers system that has helped countless clubs over the years around the world. Hoping to complete by the end of the Chemo on the 26th of  October. Don’t worry – its’ not a tell-all with all the stories from all those years – those will go to the grave, eventually with me.     The plan is Hard Copy (limited editions), Audio Book and e-book – launched next year!

I also plan on beginning the production of the 52 episodes of the Podcast series that I’ll be launching on the 3rd of January 2019 – (stay tuned for the name). This series will be both a stand-alone programme and a support programme for the Book.

My next posts will be written from a hospital bed in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk, UK (near home) and will be reflective, introspective and both looking back and forward.


13 thoughts on “More Chemo

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  1. Great news about the tumour, the ‘Alien Trump’ should have known better than to think it would beat you.
    Hope the next bout of treatment goes even better.
    Thinking of you and sending you both lots of hugs and kisses

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  2. Thanks Doug – best news I have had in years 😃 – Looking great for Route 66😎
    Surrounded by the awsome GoGo girls in your robe, you look like the one and only Podfather, or the reincarnation of Hugh Hefner. 👍

    Liked by 1 person

  3. For all the lives you’ve touched and for all the living we’ve shared, it will take more than four years to say good bye. Your strength, your mate and your friends will keep you smiling and obviously working! Boogie onward, Doug, I’ll be in your supporting entourage smiling back at you with as much energy as I can send.

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