The Ultimate Irony

As I said earlier – I wondered if the previous operation had anything to do with where I am now. The removal of that valve might prove essestential to the massive blockage I’m now experiencing. I really don’t know.

Saturday the 4th of August

The day after I was released from Chemo 2 – I was readmitted with extreme dehydration and impacted bowels. I have been in a lot of pain and countless tests (again.) I’m still in Hospital (Tuesday morning)

The following is what then transpired: (You may guess the ending – I’m still here!)

The options are:

  • Another attempt to restore function with laxative blast.
  • Surgery to (I guess) remove the feces                                                                               (They can’t do anything with the tumour – AND THIS is part of the Irony.                        As a result of the CT Scan, a Dr today told me that the tumour has shrunk over 30% after just two Chemo treatments.                                                                                          So, I was (AM) on my way to recovery!)
  • A tube stuck through my nose, down my throat to try to clear some of the blockage. (Don’t know how far it would go. Certainly, not to the actual blockage – it’s low in the Pelvic region.)
  • Maybe there’s more, but I can’t think of them.                                                           (Waiting for Dr, that I requested to speak to over an hour ago – Busy!                       Just told I’m on his list – about three hours to go.)

So, if you’re reading this and there’s no more blog – well, sorry about that.

I’ve probably died because I was full of shit!

Two days later….

I won’t know the complete story until the 16th of August (I’m scheduled for Chemo 3) on the 19th of August.                                                                                                                              At this point, (with the good news) I will go forward to get rid of this Alien (it’s name is Trump) inside of me.

I will be posting other tidbits from the past, present and future…If you want to keep updated with emails about what’s going on – you need to subscribe (on the lower right hand corner). I’ve added a My Photos (a sampling) and also a Your Photos (in case anyone has a photo of us that you’d like to share – could be fun, can’t wait to see the comments section.)

To summarize: I’m still here – I’m gonna get another four years – but my days of travelling in the Industry are over – as of TODAY!

30 thoughts on “The Ultimate Irony

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  1. I woke up to read this today. Such a shock!!! Even in hospital you have such a wicked sense of humour and way with words. I will keep everything crossed for you and will be thinking of you! You always have such a cheeky way and that cannot be dampened! Keep your spirits up the best you can! Look forward to seeing the warrior return.
    Much love Kerry xxx

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  2. Heh. The Alien. As I told you my Stepmum is currently going through something very similar. She also refers to it as the Alien. Great minds…looking forward to seeing you bud

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  3. Hey uncle Doug , just wanted to say I love you very much, and I hope for a a speedy recovery … I was gonna think of something Funny to say, cause I like to look at a brighter side but it’s alittle early in the morning lol I will think of maybe all you need is a good laugh and all the shit can just explode out of you , then you should feel much better , lol you have Inspired and guided so many people and you’ve touched the lives of so many . I with know doubt believe God will give you more time on this earth he’s just Challenging you bit.. but bloody hell can he Ease up a little bit. I’ll be thinking off you .

    With great admiration, Tor ❣️

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  4. I have always know you to be a fighter for what you believe in. No doubt you will go after this with the same zest you have shown throughout your life. I am glad our paths crossed in recent years. Be well, fight hard and I will always regret what I said on that momentous night.

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  5. Hey Doug, so sorry to hear your news, keep positive and fight the Alien. Not sure if you’ll remember me, Iain Westwater from Pinnacle, it must have been about 1993 when we worked with you. Do you still have the pipe? Keep smiling 👍

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    1. Of course I do – think you’re still with Richard… Remember when he tracked dog doodoo up the white stairs of Norbury pre-sale and his father came to inspect. “Who did this? – Oh, yeah – he does that at home too…” Great memories. Hope all is well in both your worlds. ;-D


  6. Doug
    You’re a legend even in the dark times still a cutting edge !!! Keep positive
    Haven’t been to s church in years but there’s one just across the river from the club and went over to light a candle for you
    Cost me a 1€ but you can knock it off my next bill
    Love the blog
    Stay strong

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  7. O.M.G. IAIN WESTWATER….I remember you!!!!👶🏻 You won’t remember me….maybe I’ll jog your memory on Monday 🤸🏻‍♀️


  8. Dear Doug, receiving such a bad news from you made me really sad. What surprised, and at the same time conforted me, is that your wonderful sense of humor and positive thinking are still the same. I disconvered them 20 years ago at the first IHRSA European Congress held in Brussels. I had the chance to meet a very special person who become a true friend over the years. I’m sorry I cannot help you in this tough battle, but I know that your strong spirit and will are strong enough to fight it. I look forward to seeing you again soon and laugh with you once again. Be strong, my friend. Davide

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