2nd Chemo Treatment

Not such a good start as the first time – that went smooth as silk.

Checked in, nice private room with a patio.

So far, sitting in a chair for six and a half hours; no food, attention, water, etc.               We’ll see how it goes from here. 6 ½ and counting…  Ended up being 8 ½ hours.

Normal room this time. Nothing special, except that they gave me anti-nausea tablets that are causing constipation.

Released on Friday evening. Nice dinner at home. Up all night with bowel movements and inadvertantly became extremely dehydrated.

Next morning – back to hospital.

Pain, discomfort, distended abdomen and gut due to????

X-rays, CT Scan – no blockage, per sei – just full of shit.  The large intestine, backing up into the small and possibly my stomach. The original thought was surgery – now it’s to try to blow out the bowels with a massive laxative dose to restore function.

Didn’t work.

Sitting in the Hospital bed, writing this – I don’t think I like the options now.




14 thoughts on “2nd Chemo Treatment

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  1. Hey Doug, amazing blog and it’s incredible you are sharing this journey with us all.

    If anyone can beat the odds it’s you and I’m sure you know we are all cheering for you and I’m looking forward to more random meets in airport lounges around the World.

    All the very best from me and the whole Griffin Family and the team at Pulse Fitness

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  2. Doug your blog is incredible. I am hoping you are getting a bit of relief and Mel looking after you. I really hope you are not in pain. You need to keep smiling, digging deep and be hopeful your brave, strong attitude helps. It will as you are bloody awesome!

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