1st Session of Chemo

This thing has come on so quick and so aggressively that I really almost haven’t had time to think about it.  There is a small bit of irony here: when describing the tumor to me the Dr basically said it’s rare and aggressive (hmmmmm)! Sound like anyone you know?

Supposedly, it is approximately 5 inches; located in my gut – where it has penetrated my large Intestine and is close to my urinary track – thus the inability to operate.

My first thought when told I had an inoperable cancer was WTF!

And then told that without Chemo I had three months… Whaaaat?

I mean:                                                                                                                                                     I felt healthy, nothing abnormal (except the blood in my movements), no pain, no discomfort – it didn’t seem real.

The Dr then offered six series of three-week Chemo-therapy sessions as pretty much the only option.                                                                                                                             Supposedly, based on success – this will give me a 25% chance of living four more            years.                          I read that as – one year guaranteed!

I will be re-examined on the 14th of August and should know if anything is working.             This means I’ve used up half of my time left. (Downside…)                                                                                  I Obviously am hoping that it will extend the time left.

GOAL No. 1                 Spend Christmas with Family

Needless to say; I accepted and in six hours I had a PICC line implanted in my arm (this allows them to draw blood and deliver treatment almost straight to my heart) – amazing when you think about it.

48 hours later I was lying in a private room in the hospital while they administered the first drip (just glucose).

The tests began (every four hours) blood, weight, blood pressure, oxygenation, heart rate, temperature….

And Chemo 24/7 for five days.

Side effects     NONE              I plan on being the only human being in history to have NO                                                 side effects from Chemo.

Week Two

  • Trips to Hospital for blood tests and injections into my gut for Chemo


Week Three   

  • Trips to Hospital for more blood tests – no injections.
  • Meeting with Dr and scheduled for re-admission for another week of Chemo.
  • 1pm on the Friday the 27th of July – the ponytail is now a memory of 30 years.

 I’m now going back into the Hospital on Monday morning – since they don’t have any beds for Sunday night.

I am going to the hospital NOW for a Blood Test that will expediate the treatment that will begin in the Day Unit tomorrow, while I await a bed.

Chemo 1no nausea, no pain, no radical discomfort – just, the demise of the ponytail!

In case you’re wondering; Yes I did keep it and Yes; I’ve got something up my sleeve – stay tuned!

39 thoughts on “1st Session of Chemo

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  1. Well when shit happens you sure know how to write and explain it perfect you old soldier. I am betting on the 4 + plan Doug. Now we will have time to make the whisky label bro. I send you all the energy big guy.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. C’mon Jimmy – where’s the jokes? I’ve left you a dozen openings…I haven’t changed that much…
      Look forward to one day exploring the wonders of the Whisky Cave…(and maybe sampling a few>


  2. Doug, I’ll be following your blog posts now to see your progress. and am looking forward to your book and the podcasts my friend. I echo John’s comments above…. and wow, I never thought that I would see the ponytail gone! Warm regards, Fred

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  3. Hi Doug, just replied to you via email, not sure if it will still reach you though. You have always been good for a surprise, this one you certainly do not need. Just reading in book from Titziano Terzani called in German „Noch eine Runde auf dem Karussell“ about live and dying. Very impressive story about Titziano‘s dealing with his cancer. I have tried to find out if it has been published in English without success. Maybe you would like to find out if it would be of interest to you. Wish you unendless peace of mind and continued strength 🙏🏻🙏🏻

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Doug,
    It’s been ages my brother. 😫
    Your spirit seems generally unfazed by your current journey.👊🏻👍🏻 It is nice to know that, unlike Samson, your superpowers were not cast aside with the removal of your ponytail! Here for you with anything you need rockstar!! You have been (and continue to be) a huge inspiration for so many.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Gez, I was only a girl and you only a boy when we first met Doug, I’m also proud to say he taught me everything which I passed on to you! Love you for ALL your personality defects!!! 😘


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