I have Cancer and I really don’t care to talk about it…

Bet, you’ve never heard me say that beforedon’t want to talk!!!

FYI In March I noticed some symptoms. (Yes, that’s why I wasn’t myself at IHRSA)
In April, May & June I’ve had a wide variety of tests.
On July 5th the prognosis was in;

I have a rare form of Stage IV lymphoma (cancer)

It is inoperable!
It is very aggressive (and I don’t mean Aggressive Hospitality.)
In July I started a 6-week course of Chemo (in Hospital now for second course)

I’ll have another test in mid-August to see if the Chemo is working.

IF it’s working; then another 3 months of Chemo – until November.

IF NOT; then you can guess the rest…

That’s it…
The result will be three months or 25% chance of four years – won’t know until the middle of August.

I do not care to discuss anything further than that.
I don’t want sympathy, pity or condolences.

Please don’t send cards, flowers or anything (well, maybe money;-)

If you ask me how I feel – I’m gonna tell you – “I’ve felt better”
If you wanna talk – then, let’s Talk!
Obviously, every time I speak about it – I think about it. I’d rather NOT!

Shit happens and it’s happened to me…

Obviously, I won’t be traveling this year.
If anybody wants to work with me in Hitcham – Let’s work!

Normal days rates apply – but you will get a lovely cottage to stay in at www.millhousehitcham.co.uk Margaritas to die for (maybe I shouldn’t say that), BBQ on a proper Weber, a trip to a beautiful part of the UK in East Anglia.

You can then write off the trip (maybe a little shopping in London before and after). Obviously, I will also need help to polish off my extensive Liquor cabinet (JD, Makers Mark and Samual Adams – of course) in my office with the Bally’s classic 1991 Harley-Davidson Pinball machine (Sorry, sold the Harley) and Brunswick pool table; lit by a Miller’s High Life lamp – a little slice of America in the Heart of Constable Country.

I’m keeping all the Marijuana for strictly medicinal purposes!

Come on over while my fantastic brain is still functioning perfectly!
Don’t know how long that’s gonna last (and no comments, please!)

Personal visits END on the 18th of Augustbusiness continues as long as I’m able!
I would love to see people, BUT I do not want to talk about me and I don’t know how I’ll feel.

Tele-Marketing is available daily…for a small fee Let’s talk!


I have removed myself from posting in ALL Social Media.
You will see announcement posts about Shit-Happens.Blog on Twitter, Linked-In and Facebook.

But; I will NOT be reading comments & replying to comments on my posts or anyone else’s’.

I will NOT be replying to:
What’s App, Facebook, LinkedIn, Messenger, Skype, Telegraph, Twitter, Viber, Zoom

+44 (0)1449 744 222 will only be a recorded message sending you to this site. salesmakers@mac.com will have an auto-reply to go to Doug@Shit-Happens.blog.

I will be monitoring:
Doug@SalesMakers.com but only for business…

If you wish to reach me:
Doug@shit-happens.blog +44 (0)7855 744 222

Following http://www.ShitHappens.blog is the best way to know what’s going on Please respect my privacy; like I said – no problem talking (God forbid) just not about me – work, your life, advice/Insultancy for your business life, whatever…I will be reading (and commenting) on all comments left by you, if warranted.

I plan on completing my book: X-Selling @ Membership Sales by October 5th, 2018; and I’ve only done 186 pages.

I will be recording 52 Podcasts: PodFather of Membership Sales by Christmas 2018: to supplement and expand on the book; for release on 3 January 2019 – 20 minutes, weekly; next year; whether I’m here or not.

I plan on spending Christmas 2018, with my family in Hitcham.

I plan on recovery in Spain until a Cruise to Tahiti in March/April. (Fly out of LA)
Anybody wanna go on a Sales Makers – Riding the Wake Out cruise?
I’m sure there will be Berths available – I’ll bring the Margaritas…

And please – don’t attempt to bypass and call Melanie – she’s got enough on her plate.

I will be expanding my four-year plan to bloody Stay Alive (queue Bee Gees) and see my son graduate from an as yet unknown school as Dr Miller Phd, in a future post.

Please feel free to follow, re-post, comment, if you want to send me a video for private or public comment (I’ll upload). You will need to follow to be able to post!

I reserve the right to edit the shit out of your comments!

If you’re here – it’s because you know me and you care enough to take the time to see what’s going on. Thank you for that. Please know that I’m feeling very sentimental and emotional right now (must be the steroids they’re giving me – must be female [No Me-too comments please!])

But if I don’t speak to you or reply – know that I truly appreciate the caring, the tears (mine) I’ve experienced in the short time that I’ve spoken to family, friends and colleagues.

I would hope you’re sorry that I’ve got this alien in my Gut – otherwise; you’re really not a very nice person;-) But; I don’t need to hear it again.

I have Cancer and I really don’t care to talk about it…

You will NEVER see me ask you to donate to Cancer Funds or Research and I implore you to NOT ask anyone else to do so on my behalf. That’s not what I’m about – if you want to donate; I still ask people to donate to my old friend Augie Nietos’Augie’s Quest (where he personally funds the administration of the charity.)

He’s raised millions and they’re actually close to success.

Almost every Charity except the BBC’s Children in Need only receive pennies on the pound from money actually donated – NOT cool!

Also, please NO Facebook reposts about people with Cancer and 3% will read this, etc.


26 thoughts on “I have Cancer and I really don’t care to talk about it…

Add yours

  1. Being Follower No 1. my message is….
    As I do have enough on my plate and I DON’T want to talk about it!
    However, thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for caring 😘 Melanie
    P.s. Sorry folks Sam Adams off the menu…I’m not sharing my favourite beer!🤪


      1. Hi D
        Soon we will have surströmming at flakaskär a truly high point of the summer. Sorry you cant be here. 😉

        Reading your blog (you know how much i am into social media)

        Super warm hug from Thomas and Ulla stina

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I’ve had surströmming twice – both at your place. Both the first & the last time! (Actually, it wasn’t that bad – must’ve been all the akavit we drank to wash it down.)


  2. My Uncle Doug and Auntie Mel are the coolest people on the Planet, nothing but love 😘 little Nicky, Vanessa and Cristian. Mines a JD and coke! 🥃

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Hi Doug – as you know I’ve walked this journey too with my wife (albeit her odds were slightly better at 40%) so I can at least begin to imagine. I’m 25 minutes away so let me know when you are out of hospital and feeling up for a visit. I’d love to come over as I’m currently writing a book too so we can swap author’s notes and I can bore you with the latest chapters in the Mosaic saga too! Stay strong. Dave

    Liked by 1 person

  4. As Rodriguez would say–This is not a song -this is an outburst! Thanks to you we have tickets at The Albert Hall in September- Guru- pre-order drinks at the bar with you and Mel.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Hi Doug

    I think I need to come over and have an actual drink with you (I know I have promised for years) and talk about the beautiful views from the house and beat you at pool??


    Liked by 1 person

  6. Yours is the first blog I have ever read or gone to – Hope you are proud of me!
    Looking forward to tasting some of your good stuff too!
    Love you both lots

    Liked by 1 person

  7. He’s proud of both of us to lose our blogging virginity over him!
    Are you kidding Milesy…you drank us dry of Polish vodka last time you came! Mind you, it got me introduced to my best friend Żubrówka BISON GRASS VODKA….which we’re out of at the moment….looking forward to seeing you soon to the bring a bottle party 🐂🤣😘


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